wilson staff pi5 irons

The Wilson Staff PI5 Irons are a range of high-performance golf irons designed to provide golfers with the ultimate in precision and control. Featuring a low center of gravity and a progressive blade length design, the PI5 Irons provide excellent ball speed and trajectory, making them ideal for mid to low handicappers seeking maximum distance and accuracy. The irons also feature a double-milled U-groove for maximum spin control and feel at impact, allowing golfers to shape their shots with greater accuracy. With an optimized sole design, the PI5 Irons offer improved turf interaction for more consistent contactThe Wilson Staff PI5 Irons offer exceptional feel and performance for the serious golfer. The multi-material construction of the irons, featuring a stainless steel head and carbon steel face, is designed to provide an optimal blend of distance, control and forgiveness. The low-profile design of the irons makes them easy to hit from any lie, while the progressive offset helps to ensure that shots launch higher with greater stability. Combined with a Tour-proven sole shape for improved turf interaction, the Wilson Staff PI5 Irons are ideal for golfers looking to maximize their game on every shot.


Wilson Staff PI5 Irons are designed to provide superior distance and accuracy for golfers of all levels. The progressive cavity design in the sole of each iron ensures that the ball is launched with maximum speed and spin, while the ultra-thin face helps create a soft and responsive feel. The club has an optimized center of gravity that helps promote a higher launch angle, and the wide sole provides extra forgiveness on off-center hits. The Wilson Staff PI5 Irons also feature a modern look with clean lines, allowing players to look their best while playing their best

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Design and Construction of the Wilson Staff PI5 Irons

The Wilson Staff PI5 irons are designed with a combination of performance enhancing technologies, making them a great choice for golfers seeking to improve their game. The clubs feature a low and deep center of gravity (CG) which helps to launch the ball higher and farther. The clubhead is made from 431 stainless steel and is designed to be more forgiving than traditional irons. The face is made from a thin stainless steel which increases ball speed and distance off the clubface. Additionally, the clubs feature an

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The Wilson Staff PI5 irons are a great option for golfers of all levels. They provide a great combination of distance and forgiveness, while also providing the accuracy and control needed to hit shots with precision. The design of the irons is modern yet timeless, which helps to add an extra level of confidence on the course. The clubs are also very affordable, making them a great addition to any golf bag. Overall, the Wilson Staff PI5 irons offer a great combination of performance features that will help golfers overcome any challenge they may face on the