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Xander Schauffele is an accomplished professional golfer and winner of the 2017 Tour Championship. He is best known for his impressive performance on the international stage, and he has also earned recognition for his innovative approach to putting. He has developed a unique style of putting that has been successful in helping him improve his accuracy on the green. His use of a modified putter, combined with his own technique, makes Xander Schauffele one of the most interesting players to watch on the golf course.Xander Schauffele is a professional golfer and four-time PGA Tour winner, best known for his remarkable putting skills. His putter is an integral part of his game, and it has a fascinating story behind it.

Schauffele’s putter is a Scotty Cameron ‘Circle T’ Newport 2 model. He got the putter from a friend who was working at Callaway Golf, and he has been using it ever since. The ‘Circle T’ signifies that the putter was made specifically for touring professionals, and it has been customized to better suit Schauffele’s putting style.

The head of the putter is made of 303 stainless steel, which helps to provide an incredibly soft feel off the face of the club. It also features three weights on the sole that help Schauffele produce a consistent roll on the ball. The shaft is a lightweight graphite shaft that helps him generate more speed on his strokes.

Schauffele says he loves his putter because it feels like an extension of his arm when he’s using it. He’s also said that he trusts it to give him reliable results every time he takes a shot with it. He believes that having such trust in his equipment gives him confidence when he’s out on the course playing golf.

Schauffele’s putter is certainly an integral part of his game, and its story reveals just how much thought goes into choosing the right equipment for any golfer.

Xander Schauffele’s Putter: Analyzing Its Design

Xander Schauffele is an American professional golfer who has achieved great success on the PGA Tour. He is currently the No. 4 ranked golfer in the world and is one of the top players on tour. One of his most impressive feats is his ability to use his putter effectively. His putter has been a key part of his success on the tour and it is worth examining how it works and what makes it unique.

The putter that Xander Schauffele uses is an Odyssey White Hot Pro #7, which was designed by legendary club maker Odyssey Golf. This putter was specifically designed for tour pros like Xander in mind, as it features a number of features that make it ideal for use by elite players.

One of the main features of this putter is its head shape. The head shape has been designed to provide a stable, consistent swing throughout the putting stroke, allowing for more accuracy and consistency when hitting putts from long distances or tricky angles. The head also has a “heel-toe weighting” system which helps to keep the clubhead square to the ball when striking it, reducing spin and improving accuracy.

Another important feature of this putter is its grip design. The grip has been engineered with a “taper-lock” technology which provides a secure connection between your hands and the clubhead, ensuring maximum control over each shot and making sure every stroke feels comfortable. This grip also helps to reduce wrist flexion during your stroke, which helps to keep your arms steady through impact and improve accuracy on off-center hits.

Finally, this putter also features adjustable weights in its head that allow you to customize your feel when playing different golf courses or conditions. By adjusting these weights you can change how much spin you get off each stroke or how much roll you get after hitting each ball; both of these can be incredibly helpful depending on what kind of challenges you are facing out on the course.

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Overall, Xander Schauffele’s Odyssey White Hot Pro #7 putter demonstrates why he has become one of the best players in the world today. It combines all of Odyssey Golf’s latest technologies into one package, providing him with a club that gives him maximum control over every shot he attempts while still being reliable enough to help him sink those tough shots when he needs them most.

Xander Schauffele’s Putter: How It Gives Him An Edge

Xander Schauffele is one of the most successful golfers in recent years, and his putter has been a key part of his success. Schauffele’s putter is designed to be easy to use and provide him with an edge on the course. It’s a combination of the right shaft length, grip size, and club head design that gives Schauffele a competitive advantage.

The shaft length of Schauffele’s putter is especially important. He uses a longer shaft than most golfers, which gives him a better alignment when making his putting stroke. This helps him to make more consistent contact with the ball and keep his aim on target. The longer shaft also allows for more power behind each stroke, giving Schauffele more distance and accuracy when putting.

Schauffele also uses a heavier grip size than most putters. This helps him maintain control over the clubface at impact, resulting in improved accuracy and ball control. The heavier grip also gives Schauffele greater stability during his swing so he can make powerful shots without losing control of the clubface or missing the ball completely.

The club head design of Schauffele’s putter is also important. He prefers a mallet-style putter as opposed to traditional blades or other designs because it provides more forgiveness at impact. This helps reduce the amount of spin on shots and keeps the ball from bouncing off-line or veering away from the target line after it has been struck.

Schauffele’s use of these three components has enabled him to become one of the best golfers in recent years, and it’s no surprise that he continues to have success on Tour with this setup in his bag. By using longer shafts, heavier grips, and mallet-style club heads, Schauffele has been able to gain an edge over other golfers that may not have access to such high-performance equipment.

Xander Schauffele’s Putter: What Makes It Special?

Xander Schauffele is a professional golfer who has been making waves on the PGA Tour since 2017. He’s won three tournaments on the Tour and has become a fan favorite due to his exciting style of play. One of the most important pieces of equipment for any golfer is their putter, and Schauffele is no exception. His putter, called the X-Blade, is specially designed to suit his unique swing and playing style.

The X-Blade putter is designed with a mid-mallet design, offering plenty of stability and forgiveness while providing superior feel. This makes it well suited for players like Schauffele who have an aggressive swing. The X-Blade also features a unique weighting system that helps keep the head stable throughout the entire swing. This allows Schauffele to be more consistent in his putting stroke.

Another key feature of Schauffele’s putter is its adjustable hosel which allows for customization depending on the situation or course conditions. The hosel can be adjusted to alter the lie angle, loft, and face angle of the clubhead. This helps ensure that Schauffele has complete control over his shots regardless of which course he’s playing on or what type of shot he’s attempting to make.

Schauffele also uses a special grip on his X-Blade putter which helps him maintain control during his strokes while still allowing him to get maximum feel from the clubhead. This combination of features makes it one of the best performing putters currently on tour and gives Schauffele an edge over other players when it comes to putting accuracy and consistency.

Overall, Xander Schauffele’s X-Blade putter is carefully designed with features that give him an edge when it comes to accuracy and feel on the green. With its adjustable hosel, mid-mallet design, and specialized grip, this putter offers a great combination of stability, forgiveness, feel, and control that help make Xander one of the top putters in professional golf today.

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Why Xander Schauffele Switched To His Current Putter

Xander Schauffele, currently ranked #4 on the PGA Tour and winner of the 2017 Tour Championship, recently switched to a new putter. The putter is an Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball model and is considered by many to be one of the top putters on the market today. So why did Schauffele switch?

Schauffele explained that he was looking for a putter that would give him more consistency when it came to his putting. He wanted something that would help him make more putts over a longer period of time. The Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball model was exactly what he was looking for, as it features an alignment feature that helps him line up his putts more accurately. Additionally, the white and red alignment features help him easily identify where his eyes should be during each stroke.

In addition to the improved accuracy, Schauffele said that he also liked the feel of the club when he made contact with the ball. He found that it had a more solid feel than his previous putter, which allowed him to hit his desired distance with greater precision.

The Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball model also has a higher moment of inertia (MOI) than other models on the market, meaning it is less likely to twist on off-center hits. This feature has helped Schauffele maintain better control of his putting strokes and improved his overall accuracy on the greens when playing competitively.

All in all, Schauffele’s switch to a new putter has been beneficial for him in many ways. It has given him better accuracy and control over his shots, as well as improved feel when making contact with the ball. With this new club in hand, Schauffele will be able to continue performing at a high level and make difficult shots look easy on the course.

Analyzing The Dynamics Of Xander Schauffele’s Putter

Xander Schauffele is a professional golfer who has achieved great success on the PGA Tour. His putter has been a major factor in his success, and it is worth analyzing the dynamics of Schauffele’s putter to better understand why he has been so successful.

The first thing to note about Schauffele’s putter is that it is a mallet-style putter. This type of putter provides more stability and control over the ball, which helps Schauffele to consistently hit the ball on the right line and at the right speed. Additionally, mallet-style putters allow for more accuracy in terms of distance control, as they tend to have a lower center of gravity than other types of putters.

Another important factor in Schauffele’s putting game is his grip. He uses a slightly stronger grip than many other players, which gives him added control over his putting stroke. This grip also helps him maintain good balance throughout his stroke, allowing him to strike the ball with greater accuracy and consistency.

Finally, Schauffele’s stance is very important when it comes to putting. He stands slightly open with his feet wider than shoulder-width apart and his weight slightly forward on his left foot. This stance gives him better balance and allows him to make a smoother stroke with greater accuracy.

In conclusion, Xander Schauffele’s success on the PGA Tour can be attributed largely to his choice of equipment and technique when putting. His mallet-style putter provides increased stability while still allowing for precision distance control, while his grip and stance give him added control over his stroke and improved balance throughout the swing.

What Does His Putter Say About His Playing Style?

The putter is an essential part of a golfer’s game, and it can tell a lot about their playing style. A player’s choice of putter can say a lot about their approach to the game, from the way they read greens to the way they handle pressure. A player’s choice of putter is often indicative of their preferred playing style, and can reveal subtle cues that may not be obvious during other parts of the game.

For example, a player who prefers a blade-style putter is likely to be more conservative and precise in their approach than someone who opts for an oversized mallet-style putter. The blade-style putter requires more accuracy and precision to make contact with the ball, whereas the mallet-style allows for more forgiveness if the contact isn’t perfect. This preference could suggest that the player who chooses a blade-style putter is looking for more control over their shots than those who opt for an oversized mallet-style putter.

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Another factor to consider is how a player uses their wrists when putting. Players with larger hands may prefer a longer shaft on their putters, which can allow them to make more wrist action during their stroke. This could be indicative of a power player who likes to take aggressive lines and hit powerful shots into the green. Conversely, players with smaller hands may prefer shorter shafts on their putters as this will reduce the amount of wrist action they need to make during each stroke. This could be indicative of a finesse player who prefers to take conservative lines and hit smoother shots into the green.

It’s clear that there are many factors that go into choosing a specific type of golf club, but one thing is certain: your choice of putter can tell you quite a bit about your playing style! By paying attention to your own preferences when selecting your clubs, you can gain insight into your own approach to golf and develop strategies that fit your playing style best.

Comparing Xander Schauffele’s Putter To Other Professional Golfers’

When talking about professional golfers, one of the most important pieces of equipment is the putter. Xander Schauffele is no exception when it comes to using a quality putter. He uses a TaylorMade Spider Tour putter, and it has been a great choice for him. This putter has proven to be reliable and consistent for Schauffele as he competes on the PGA Tour. But how does Xander Schauffele’s putter compare to other professional golfers?

The TaylorMade Spider Tour putter is designed with a milled aluminum body and a heavy steel face insert which helps to increase stability and distance control. It also features an adjustable heel-toe weight that can be adjusted based on the player’s preference. This type of adjustability allows golfers to customize their putting strokes in order to get the best performance out of their equipment.

The TaylorMade Spider Tour putter is used by many professional golfers on tour, including Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, and Justin Thomas. All of these players have found success with this particular type of putter. Each player has their own unique putting style but they all agree that this type of equipment helps them to achieve consistent results on the greens.

Another popular option among professional golfers is the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putters which are liked for their accuracy and feel around the greens. These putters are made from stainless steel with an elastomer insert which helps provide better feedback when putting and increases accuracy as well. Players such as Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler, Jason Day, and Adam Scott have all been seen using this type of equipment on tour in recent years.

It is clear that there are several options available for professional golfers when it comes to choosing a quality putter that will help them produce consistent results on the greens. Xander Schauffele has chosen his TaylorMade Spider Tour model and it has been an excellent choice for him so far in his career. As for other players on tour, they have their own unique preferences but there are plenty of options for them as well depending on their individual preferences and playing styles.


Xander Schauffele’s putter is one of the most innovative putters on the market today. It is well-made and designed to help golfers make more putts with less effort. Xander’s unique design, high-quality materials, and adjustable weights make it a great choice for any golfer looking to improve their performance on the green. Additionally, its affordability makes it an attractive option for all levels of golfers. With its exceptional features and reasonable pricing, Xander Schauffele’s putter is sure to be a hit with golfers everywhere.

Overall, Xander Schauffele has created a fantastic product that will help golfers of any skill level improve their game. Its unique design and adjustable weights make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to take their putting game to the next level. Its affordable price makes it accessible to all levels of players, making it a great investment for anyone who wants to take their game up a notch. With its exceptional performance and reasonable cost, Xander Schauffele’s putter is sure to be a hit amongst golfers everywhere.

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