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Xander Schauffele is a professional golfer from San Diego, California. He has been playing on the PGA Tour since 2017 and has achieved great success in his young career. Schauffele won the Tour Championship in 2017 and was named the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year that same season. He has since gone on to win three other PGA Tour events, including the 2019 WGC-HSBC Champions and 2020 Sentry Tournament of Champions. Schauffele’s success is attributed to his exceptional golf game and his choice of golf clubs for each tournament. Xander Schauffele’s What’s In The Bag (WITB) setup contains some of the best golf equipment available today, including Titleist drivers, irons, wedges, and putters.Xander Schauffele is one of the world’s top golfers and his gear reflects that status. His bag consists of some of the best equipment on the market, from his driver to his putter. Let’s take a closer look at Xander Schauffele’s WITB (or What’s In The Bag).

Driver: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 9°
Fairway Woods: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 15°, 18°
Irons: Callaway Apex Pro 19°, 22°, 25°, 28°, 32°
Wedges: Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Tour Grind 50°, 56°, 60°
Putter: Odyssey O-Works No. 7 Tank Prototype
Ball: Titleist Pro V1x
Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord & Tour Velvet Align
Shoes: FootJoy Hyperflex II

Xander Schauffele’s Winning Setup

Xander Schauffele is one of the most successful golfers in the world today. His winning setup is one that many golfers seek to emulate when it comes to their own game. Schauffele’s setup consists of a combination of equipment, swing technique and mental approach that have allowed him to become one of the most consistent players on tour.

When it comes to his equipment, Schauffele opts for a mix of clubs from different manufacturers. He currently plays Callaway clubs, including their X-20 irons and F8 drivers, as well as Titleist woods and wedges. He has also been known to use other brands such as TaylorMade and Mizuno. Schauffele pays close attention to the weight and balance of his clubs, ensuring they feel comfortable in his hands during play.

In terms of swing technique, Schauffele is known for having a consistent and repeatable motion that delivers great power off the tee. His technique involves an aggressive hip turn with minimal arm movement during his backswing and follow-through. He also has an excellent sense of clubhead speed control which allows him to shape shots with ease.

Mentally, Schauffele is incredibly focused when playing golf. He is able to maintain focus throughout an entire round without letting any bad shots or tough situations affect him too much. This focus allows him to stay within himself and execute shots with confidence even when faced with difficult conditions or challenging courses.

By combining quality equipment, a consistent swing technique and a strong mental approach, Xander Schauffele has been able to become one of the most successful golfers in the world today. His winning setup is one that many golfers strive for when attempting to improve their games and gain more success on the course.

What’s In Xander Schauffele’s Bag?

Xander Schauffele is one of the most successful golfers of his generation, and he credits his success to the clubs in his bag. Schauffele has been playing with the same set of clubs since he was a teenager, and he continuously makes small adjustments to them to ensure that they are always up to date and in top condition.

Schauffele plays with a Callaway Epic Flash driver and a combination of Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 3-wood, 4-wood, and 5-wood. He also carries four irons: Titleist 718 AP2 4-iron through 8-iron. He rounds out his iron set with Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges in 46°, 52°, 56°, 60° lofts, respectively.

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Schauffele’s putter is an Odyssey White Hot Pro V-Line model with a single bend shaft. He also uses the same golf ball as when he first started playing – the Titleist Pro V1x – which is known for its soft feel and consistent performance on approach shots.

Finally, Schauffele has one of the most important pieces of equipment in any golfer’s bag: an alignment stick. This helps him line up his shots properly and ensure that he is hitting the ball straight every time.

Overall, Xander Schauffele’s bag is made up of some of the best clubs on the market today. His equipment choices have clearly paid off as he continues to climb higher up leaderboards around the world.

A Closer Look At Xander Schauffele’s Winning Clubs

Xander Schauffele, the 2017 Tour Championship winner, has become one of the top players on the PGA Tour. His success has been attributed to his consistent play and his ability to use all of the clubs in his bag. In this article, we will take a closer look at the clubs that helped Xander Schauffele win the Tour Championship.

Schauffele uses a full set of TaylorMade clubs, including a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges. His driver is a TaylorMade M1 9.5° with an Aldila Rogue Black 70TX shaft. This combination of club and shaft helps him hit long drives and maintain control over his shots.

For his fairway woods, Schauffele uses TaylorMade M1 3-wood and 5-wood with Fujikura Pro 61 shafts. These clubs help him get maximum distance off the tee without sacrificing accuracy. He also has two hybrids in his bag: a TaylorMade M2 21° hybrid with an Aldila Rogue Pro 80TX shaft and a TaylorMade M2 24° hybrid with an Aldila Rogue Pro 85TX shaft. These hybrids are designed to help him hit long, accurate shots from any lie on the course.

Schauffele plays TaylorMade P770 irons which have been designed to promote distance while still providing good control over shots. The irons have a thin face design which helps them launch further than traditional irons while also providing more forgiveness for off-center strikes. He also carries two wedges: a 54° Titleist Vokey SM6 wedge with an Nippon Modus 105S shaft and a 58° Titleist Vokey SM6 wedge with an Nippon Modus 125S shaft. These wedges give him more versatility around the greens and allow him to get up-and-down more consistently from difficult lies or awkward distances from the pin.

In addition to these clubs, Schauffele also carries a backup putter in case he needs it during competition rounds. His backup putter is an Odyssey O-Works #7 model with SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour grip installed on it for added stability during his stroke.

Xander Schauffele’s success on tour is due in large part to the combination of clubs he uses in his bag each week on tour. His choice of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges provide him with enough versatility to excel in any situation he encounters on the golf course.

Analyzing Xander Schauffele’s 2019 WITB

Xander Schauffele is one of the top players in professional golf and he has been consistently producing impressive results for quite a few years now. As such, it is no surprise that his 2019 WITB (What’s in the Bag) is full of quality equipment. Let’s take a closer look at what he had in his bag for the 2019 season.

First up, Schauffele was playing with a TaylorMade M5 driver. This driver features a split internal sole weight and adjustable weight track system which allows players to customize their launch and spin characteristics for greater accuracy and distance off the tee.

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For his fairway woods, Schauffele opted for a 3 wood and 5 wood from TaylorMade’s M4 range as well as a 9 wood from their M3 range. These clubs feature Twist Face technology which helps to reduce side spin, resulting in straighter shots off the fairway.

Xander was also carrying three utility irons – two from TaylorMade’s P790 UDI series and one from their P790 2 Iron series – to provide additional accuracy when hitting long-distance shots into greens.

Schauffele had an impressive selection of irons in his bag this year, including TaylorMade P-750s, P-770s, P-790s (with KBS Tour C-Taper 120 shafts) and P-7MBs (with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts). All of these clubs are designed to promote maximum distance with improved accuracy and control.

Finally, Xander rounded out his bag with some quality wedges – TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi Toe (50°), ATV (54°) and Hi Toe (60°) models – as well as an Odyssey O-Works Red #7 putter. With this combination of clubs in his bag, it is no wonder why Xander was able to have such an impressive season in 2019!

How Xander Schauffele Built His Winning Setup

Xander Schauffele has been making waves in the golfing world since his breakout performance at the 2017 Presidents Cup. The San Diego native has since established himself as one of the premier players in the game, winning several tournaments including two PGA Tour events. But what has been key to his success is his meticulous preparation and attention to detail when it comes to building a winning setup.

Schauffele’s equipment is an integral part of his success, and he takes great care when selecting each piece. He keeps up with the latest trends in technology and seeks out new innovations that can help him improve his game. He works closely with his team of advisors to determine which clubs and equipment best suit his needs.

Schauffele also takes a careful approach to practice and training, ensuring that he is always well prepared for upcoming tournaments. He often works with a personal coach to refine his technique and hone his skills. He also puts in extra time on the range and course, working on different aspects of his game such as driving, chipping, putting, and bunker play.

In addition to physical preparation, Schauffele also puts an emphasis on mental preparation before each tournament. He works with a sports psychologist to help him stay focused and confident during competition. This mental preparation helps him stay in tune with the course conditions and develop a strategy for playing each hole effectively.

Through careful consideration of all these factors, Xander Schauffele has been able to build a winning setup that allows him to compete at the highest level. His dedication to improving every aspect of his game has allowed him to become one of the top players in golf today.

Breaking Down Xander Schauffele’s Latest WITB

Xander Schauffele has been one of the most consistent players on the PGA Tour in recent years, and his winning streak has been bolstered by his trusty arsenal of golf clubs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the latest addition to Xander’s bag – his set of clubs that he used to win the 2020 Masters.

At the top of Schauffele’s bag is his trusty Titleist TS3 driver. This 460-cc driver features a speed-enhancing face insert that helps to launch shots off the tee with maximum distance and forgiveness. Additionally, Schauffele uses an adjustable hosel fitting system which allows him to fine-tune the loft and spin rate of his driver for optimal performance.

In the fairway woods department, Schauffele carries two Titleist TS2 models – a 15-degree 3-wood and a 19-degree 5-wood. Like his driver, these woods are designed with a speed enhancing face insert which helps get shots airborne quickly and accurately.

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When it comes to irons, Xander opts for a set of Titleist U500 utility irons which feature an ultra thin face design that helps generate impressive ball speeds off the clubface. These irons are designed with an undercut cavity which helps to launch shots higher and farther than traditional irons.

For wedges, Schauffele carries three Vokey SM7’s – a 46-degree pitching wedge, a 50-degree gap wedge and a 56-degree sand wedge – all in satin chrome finish. The SM7 wedges are designed with progressive centre of gravity technology which helps optimize spin rates for each shot around the green.

Finally, Xander carries one final club in his bag – an Odyssey Toulon putter in matte black finish. This flatstick is designed with adjustable weighting technology which allows him to dial in just the right amount of weight depending on conditions or course setup.

So there you have it – Xander Schauffele’s latest WITB (Weapons in The Bag). With all these amazing clubs in tow, it’s no wonder he has become such a formidable force on tour!

Exploring The Gear Used By Xander Schauffele To Win

Since winning the Tour Championship in 2017, Xander Schauffele has been one of the most consistent players on the PGA Tour. He has won four PGA Tour events since then, and currently sits second in the world golf rankings. But what gear is he using to achieve such success? Let’s take a look at the gear that Xander Schauffele uses to get him to the top of the leaderboard.

Xander Schauffele plays with TaylorMade equipment, including a M4 driver and TP5x golf ball. His irons are P750 tour proto forged from TaylorMade, and his wedges are Milled Grinds from Titleist. He also carries a TaylorMade Spider Tour putter for sinking those all-important putts.

In terms of apparel, Xander Schauffele wears adidas apparel on the course. He has recently been seen wearing the adidas 365 collection on tour, which combines performance fabrics with iconic style to keep him cool and comfortable in all conditions. He also wears adidas shoes, including the signature CodeChaos shoes which provide superior grip and stability during his swing.

Finally, Xander Schauffele also carries some accessories with him on tour as well. He uses a SkyCaddie GPS watch to help him track his shots and distances on each hole; he also carries a couple of Nike gloves for extra grip when needed; and he always carries a few dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls for practice rounds or tournaments where it is necessary to switch out balls.

Overall, Xander Schauffele has put together an impressive arsenal of equipment that helps him stay at the top of his game week after week. With this gear combination, it’s no wonder that he is such a consistent player on tour!


Xander Schauffele has established himself as one of the best golfers in the world. His performance with the clubs in his bag is a testament to that. He always looks to find new ways to improve his game and strives to be the best he can be. He has become a leader in the sport and an example of what hard work, dedication, and practice can lead to. His success with the clubs in his bag is evidence of that.

Schauffele’s commitment to the game and his willingness to always strive for improvement have made him one of the most successful golfers on tour. His consistency and skill have made him a fan favorite as well. With his impressive achievements, Xander Schauffele is sure to remain a top name in golf for years to come.

Overall, Xander Schauffele has proven himself as one of the best golfers on tour today. His performance with his clubs is a testament to his dedication and hard work, which have been integral factors in his success throughout his career. With continued practice and commitment, he will surely remain one of golf’s top players for years to come.