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Adam Scott is an Australian professional golfer who is married to Marie Kojzar, a Swedish professional golfer. They have been together since 2009 and married in 2014. Marie has been a great asset to Adam’s career, providing valuable insight into the game of golf. She has also been a great support for him both on and off the course. Together they have had many successes, including winning Adam’s first major championship in 2013. Adam has also credited Marie with helping him stay calm and focused during tournaments. With her knowledge and support, they are sure to have many more successes in the future.Adam Scott’s wife is Naomi Scott. They got married in 2005.

Adam Scott’s Profession

Adam Scott is an actor, comedian, and producer. He began his career in the entertainment industry when he was cast in the television series Party of Five in 1996. Since then, he has gone on to appear in numerous films and television shows, including Step Brothers, Parks and Recreation, Big Little Lies, Friends from College, and Ghosted. He also has a recurring role on The Good Place. In addition to acting, Adam Scott has produced several projects through his production company Gettin’ Rad Productions. These include the feature films The Overnight and Fun Mom Dinner as well as the television series Flaked and Ghosted: Love Gone Missing. He also executive produces the ABC series Bless This Mess. Adam Scott’s work has earned him multiple award nominations and wins, including Emmy Awards for his acting on Parks and Recreation and producing The Good Place.

How Did Adam Scott and His Wife Meet?

Adam Scott, best known for his role as Ben Wyatt in the popular sitcom Parks and Recreation, has been married to Naomi Sablan since 2005. The two first met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend in 2003. After a few initial dates, the couple soon realized that they shared similar values and interests and began dating exclusively.

The two were married in 2005 on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Since then, they have welcomed two children into their family: daughter Frankie, born in 2008, and son Graham, born in 2011. Scott and Sablan are known for their commitment to each other and their family life, having been together for over 15 years now.

The couple is also involved with various charities and organizations devoted to helping those in need. They have both been active supporters of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), which works to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. They have also done work with organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The Art of Elysium.

Adam Scott and Naomi Sablan are an inspiring example of what true love looks like when two people are committed to one another for the long haul. Their marriage has stood the test of time despite their busy schedules, proving that with enough dedication anything is possible!

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What Does Adam Scott’s Wife Do Professionally?

Adam Scott’s wife, Naomi Scott, is a professional actress and singer. She made her acting debut in 2010 with the British television series, Life Bites. Since then, she has gone on to appear in a number of movies and television shows, including the Disney Channel original movie Lemonade Mouth and the Netflix series Girlboss. Naomi has also starred in two major feature films: Power Rangers and Aladdin. In addition to her acting career, Naomi is also an accomplished singer-songwriter. She has released several singles over the years and is currently working on her debut album. Naomi is also an active philanthropist who regularly donates her time and resources to various charitable causes.

Adam Scott’s Wife

Adam Scott is married to Naomi Scott, an Australian actress and singer. The couple met in 2005 at the Australian Open and were married in May 2007. They have two children together, a daughter named Frankie and a son named River. Naomi is best known for her roles in ‘Power Rangers’, ‘Charlies Angels’ and ‘Aladdin’. She has also released three albums and several singles, including the hit single ‘Speak’.


Naomi started her career as a singer at the age of 15 when she signed with Sony Music Australia. She released her first album, Invisible Division, in 2004. The album peaked at number 10 on the ARIA charts and was certified gold by ARIA. She went on to release two more albums and several singles, including ‘Speak’ which reached number one on the US Dance Club Songs chart. She has also appeared in several films including ‘Power Rangers’, ‘Charlies Angels’ and ‘Aladdin’.

Personal Life

Naomi is married to Adam Scott and the couple have two children together. They met at the Australian Open in 2005 and were married two years later in a private ceremony in Sydney. They live together with their two children in Los Angeles where Naomi continues her acting career while Adam works as a professional golfer on the PGA Tour.

What is Adam Scott’s Net Worth?

Adam Scott is an Australian professional golfer who has an estimated net worth of $50 million as of 2020. Scott has achieved tremendous success on the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Tour, winning five PGA Tour events and four European Tour events. He is also a two-time major champion, having won both the Masters Tournament in 2013 and the Players Championship in 2004. He was named PGA Tour Player of the Year in 2004, and he has been ranked as high as number two in the world rankings. In addition to his impressive golf career, Adam Scott also owns several businesses and brands, including a clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger and a winery in California.

Adam Scott began his professional golf career at the age of 19 by joining the Australian PGA tour. He quickly established himself as one of the best players on that tour, winning multiple tournaments before making his move to international competition. His first PGA Tour victory came at the Players Championship in 2004, which he followed up with another win at the Masters Tournament in 2013. Over his career, he has made over $50 million from prize money alone and continues to earn additional income from sponsorships and endorsements.

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In addition to his golfing success, Adam Scott has branched out into other business ventures, including a clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger and a winery called The Standish Wine Company located in California’s Napa Valley. He also owns several properties around Australia where he hosts golf tournaments throughout the year. All of these endeavors have helped contribute to Adam Scott’s overall net worth of $50 million as of 2020.

Golf Has Helped Adam Scott in His Career

Adam Scott is one of the world’s greatest professional golfers, and golf has played a major role in his career. The Australian golfer has won several titles, including the Masters Tournament and the Players Championship. He has also represented his country in international tournaments such as the Presidents Cup and the World Cup.

Golf has helped Scott become one of the most successful players on tour. His success on the course comes from his ability to stay focused and consistent when playing. He has excellent hand-eye coordination that allows him to make accurate shots, even when faced with difficult playing conditions. Additionally, his ability to remain calm under pressure and get out of tough situations have been key to his success.

Scott’s success has also been attributed to his commitment to practice and improve his game. He is known for spending countless hours working on different techniques, such as putting, driving, chipping, and bunker play. This dedication to improving his game has helped him become a more complete player who can handle any type of course or situation he may face on tour.

In addition to improving on the course, golf has also helped Scott grow off it as well. Through golf, he was able to gain confidence and build relationships with other players in the sport. This has allowed him to form a strong support system of friends and mentors who have provided invaluable advice throughout his career.

Golf has not only benefited Adam Scott’s career but also impacted many aspects of his life beyond the game itself. By playing golf consistently over time, he was able to develop better physical fitness levels as well as mental strength that have allowed him succeed in other areas such as business or personal relationships.

Overall, golf has helped Adam Scott become one of the most successful professional players in history by providing him with invaluable skills that can be used both on and off the course. His dedication to practice and improvement combined with excellent hand-eye coordination have enabled him to succeed at an elite level while gaining confidence along the way that will benefit him for years to come.

Major Achievements of Adam Scott

Adam Scott is one of the most successful golfers in recent years, with a career spanning over two decades. He has achieved a number of remarkable accomplishments throughout his career, making him one of the most decorated athletes in the sport. Here are some of his major achievements:

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Adam Scott won the Masters Tournament in 2013, becoming only the second Australian golfer to do so. This victory was also the first ever major championship won by an Australian male golfer since Greg Norman’s win in 1996. In addition to this, Adam Scott became the first Australian to top the world rankings, achieving this feat in 2014.

Adam Scott has won a total of 27 professional events on various tours across his career including 14 PGA Tour events and two European Tour wins. He has been a consistent performer on both tours and has earned over $50 million in prize money during his career. Furthermore, he is one of only six golfers who have won tournaments on all six continents where professional golf is played – a feat he achieved in 2013 when he won the Australian PGA Championship.

In addition to these major accomplishments, Adam Scott was also honored with induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2020 after an outstanding career that included numerous victories and consistent performances across multiple tours. He also holds several records including holding an impressive streak of 18 consecutive cuts made from 2002-2003 and becoming only the fourth player to finish all four rounds under par at The Open Championship.


Adam Scott has changed the way the game of golf is viewed, with his wife, Marie Kojzar, often playing a major role in his success. She serves as a constant source of inspiration for him, and her support has helped him achieve many wins and titles. Her presence is always felt whenever he competes and this has been instrumental in helping Adam Scott become one of the most successful golfers in history.

Marie Kojzar’s commitment to golf has also been noteworthy. She was one of the first female caddies on the PGA Tour and her dedication to her job is commendable. She has also taken an active role in helping promote and grow the game of golf, something that she continues to do today. Her involvement in golf goes beyond just being Adam Scott’s wife; she is truly devoted to growing the sport.

Adam Scott’s marriage to Marie Kojzar has not only had a positive impact on his career but also on his life as a whole. Their relationship serves as an example for others who may be considering marriage in the future; true love can exist even when two people come from different backgrounds and have different goals.

Marie Kojzar’s presence in Adam Scott’s life is clearly visible every time he steps onto the green; her enthusiasm for golf shines through him and helps make him one of the best players in the world. The influence that she has had on Adam Scott’s success cannot be understated; it is clear that their relationship plays an integral role in helping him reach all his goals.

In conclusion, Adam Scott’s wife Marie Kojzar has been a major factor behind his success as one of top golfers today. Her passion for the game, unwavering support, and dedication have all contributed to Adam’s accomplishments over the years. Furthermore, their relationship shows that true love can exist between two people with different backgrounds and goals – something which we can all learn from!