best ping irons for high handicap

Golfers with high handicaps can benefit from the latest technology in ping irons. These irons are designed to improve distance and accuracy, while providing a forgiving and consistent performance so that even high-handicap players can enjoy the game. The latest models come with a variety of features that make them perfect for golfers who may be struggling to hit the ball straight, or need a little extra help getting the ball airborne. In this article, we will discuss the best ping irons for high-handicap golfers, and how they can help improve your game.The best Ping irons for high handicap golfers are the Ping G400 Max Irons. These irons are designed with a low and deep center of gravity that helps high handicappers launch the ball easier and higher. The larger head size also provides more forgiveness on off-center hits. The feel of these irons is also excellent due to its elastomer insert which provides a softer and more responsive feel at impact. Additionally, the progressive sole widths help make it easier to get the ball up in the air from different lies.

What to Look for When Purchasing Ping Irons for High Handicap

When it comes to purchasing golf clubs, especially Ping irons, for a high handicap golfer, there are several factors to consider. The first and most important factor is the size of the head. High handicap golfers typically need a larger head size to help them launch the ball higher and farther. Look for Ping irons with an oversized or extra large clubhead. This will provide more forgiveness on off-center hits and make it easier to hit longer shots.

The second factor to consider when purchasing Ping irons for a high handicap golfer is the shaft flex. It’s important to find a shaft that matches the golfer’s swing speed. If the shaft is too stiff, the ball will not travel as far or as straight as it should. A shaft that is too flexible can also lead to erratic shots with little control or accuracy. Try out different shaft flexes until you find one that feels comfortable and gives you consistent results.

Finally, consider the lofts of the Ping irons you are looking at. Many higher handicap golfers benefit from more lofted clubs, which helps them get more loft on their shots and hit higher trajectories with less effort. Look for Ping irons with higher lofts than typical in order to help your game improve without having to change your swing drastically.

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Benefits of Using Ping Irons for High Handicap

Ping has been one of the leading companies in the golfing industry for many years, and their irons are no exception. With innovative technology, high-quality materials, and an impressive range of options, Ping irons are a great choice for any golfer, especially those with a higher handicap. Here are some of the benefits of using Ping irons for high handicap players:

The first benefit is forgiveness. Ping irons are designed to be more forgiving than other brands, which means they provide more leeway when it comes to mishits or poor shots. This makes them ideal for higher handicap players who may not be as accurate with their swings. The wider sole also helps to increase launch angle and decrease spin rate, allowing for greater distance on shots.

Another benefit is the feel. Many higher handicap players struggle with the feel of their clubs, but Ping irons have a softer feel that helps increase confidence in your swing. The club heads are also designed to be lightweight and to provide a smoother overall swing experience.

Finally, Ping irons come in a range of different models and sets that make it easy to find the right set for your game. Whether you’re looking for game improvement clubs or something more advanced, there’s something for everyone in the Ping iron lineup. This makes it easier to find the perfect set that suits your individual needs.

In conclusion, Ping irons offer a lot of benefits to higher handicap players. With improved forgiveness, better feel, and an extensive range of options available, they’re an excellent choice for any golfer looking to improve their game.


When shopping for Ping irons, it’s important to consider the brand. Ping is a well-known and respected golf equipment manufacturer that has been around since 1959. They offer a variety of irons for different types of players. From game improvement to blade design, Ping has something for everyone. The quality and craftsmanship of their products is top-notch, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product when you purchase their irons.


The price of your Ping irons is another important factor to consider. While they may not be the cheapest option on the market, they are still reasonably priced and offer good value for money. It’s important to balance quality with affordability when making your decision, as you don’t want to end up with a set of clubs that don’t suit your needs or budget.

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Shaft Flexibility

Shaft flexibility is an important factor in selecting the right set of Ping irons. Depending on your swing style and strength, you will need to select a shaft flex that suits your ability level and playing style. If you select the wrong flex for your game, it can cause inconsistent shots and will lead to poor results on the course. Make sure you test out different flexes before making your final decision.

Weight & Balance

Another factor to consider when shopping for Ping irons is the weight and balance of the clubs. The weight and balance of an iron affects how far it can travel as well as its accuracy on shots hit from different distances. Make sure that the clubs you select have a weight and balance that suits your game style and helps maximize performance on each shot.


The grip on your Ping irons should also be taken into consideration when shopping for new irons. A good grip will provide maximum control over each shot while also providing comfort during play. Look for grips that are made from high-quality materials as well as ones that have a nice texture so they won’t slip in your hand during play.

Different Types of Ping Irons Available

Ping is a well known golf brand that has been providing quality golf equipment for decades. They offer a wide range of irons, from beginner to professional levels. Their irons come in a variety of styles and designs, making it easy to find the perfect club for your game.

The most popular type of Ping iron is the game improvement iron. These clubs are designed for players that are still learning the basics of the game or those who want to make their swing more consistent and accurate. Game improvement irons usually have large sweet spots, which makes it easier to hit the ball with accuracy and power. They also feature softer heads that provide more forgiveness on off-center shots.

The next type of Ping iron is the player’s iron. These clubs are designed for experienced golfers looking for greater precision and control from their shots. Player’s irons typically have thinner faces, less offset, and tighter sole designs than game improvement models. This makes them ideal for experienced players who know how to shape their shots and require more feedback from their clubs.

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Finally, there are tour-level Ping irons available as well. These clubs are designed with professional golfers in mind and have extremely thin faces, tight sole designs, and minimal offset for maximum precision and control over every shot. Tour-level Ping irons also feature a variety of shaft options so you can customize your club to fit your swing perfectly.

No matter what type of golfer you are or what level you play at, there is sure to be a set of Ping irons that will help you optimize your performance on the course. With so many different types available, it’s easy to find the perfect set of clubs that fits your game perfectly.

Overview of the Most Popular Ping Iron Models

Ping has been one of the most respected names in golf equipment for many years, and its iron sets are among the best in the industry. Ping irons offer a combination of accuracy, control, distance, and forgiveness that is hard to match. There are several different models available, so it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. Here is an overview of some of the most popular Ping iron models on the market today.

The Ping G700 Irons are high-performance game-improvement irons designed to provide maximum distance and forgiveness. They feature a maraging steel face that increases ball speed and distance on off-center hits while also providing a soft feel at impact. The deep undercut cavity creates greater launch angles and increased stability for consistent shot making from all lies.

The Ping i210 Irons are designed for serious players who want a combination of workability and forgiveness. The cavity back design provides enhanced feedback on mis-hits while still maintaining a classic look at address. It also features an elastomer insert for improved sound and feel at impact as well as increased launch angles and ball speeds from all lies.

The Ping G400 Max Irons are designed to provide maximum forgiveness with added distance. They feature a maraging steel face that increases ball speed on off-center hits, as well as a low profile design that reduces drag for increased club head speed during the swing. The hollow head construction also improves launch angles and increases stability on mis-hits for better performance from all lies.

Finally, the Ping iBlade Irons are designed for players who demand workability along with exceptional feel and control around the greens. They feature a thin face design that increases ball speeds on off-center hits while still providing soft feel at impact. The blade length is slightly longer than traditional blades to create more stability while still maintaining a classic look at address as well as enhanced feedback on mis-hits for better control from all lies.

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