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The Flow Neck Putter is a revolutionary new golf club designed to improve accuracy and consistency in your putting game. Its unique design combines the traditional look of a blade putter with a modern flow neck to provide increased stability, accuracy, and control. The flow neck technology helps reduce the “skidding” or “bouncing” effect that can occur when you make contact with the ball, resulting in more consistent roll and improved accuracy. The Flow Neck Putter is perfect for both professional and recreational golfers looking to improve their putting performance.A Flow Neck Putter is a type of golf putter where the shaft enters the head of the putter at a much lower point than traditional putters. This design feature creates an improved balance and stability, allowing for better control over the putter and more accuracy when putting. The Flow Neck Putter is also known as a Plumber’s Neck Putter or a low-toe Putter.

Advantages of Using a Flow Neck Putter

A flow neck putter can provide golfers with a number of benefits that can help improve their game. The most significant advantage of using a flow neck putter is that it encourages proper alignment and helps the golfer to make consistent, accurate strokes. The distinctive shape of the flow neck putter promotes a square face at impact, which reduces the amount of variation in the ball’s trajectory. This makes it easier for golfers to hit more consistent shots and create more consistent results on the putting green.

Another advantage is that the weight distribution of a flow neck putter can help golfers generate more power and speed throughout their stroke. Since the clubhead is heavier than traditional putters, it allows for greater control over distance and direction without having to sacrifice accuracy. This makes it easier for golfers to gain better control over their shots and hit more precise shots on every hole.

Finally, many flow neck putters are designed with special features that improve feel and performance on the green. For example, some have inserts in the clubhead that improve sound and feedback at impact, helping golfers make better decisions about which type of shot they should play next. These features can also help to increase confidence in one’s ability to make solid contact with each stroke, leading to improved overall performance on the course.

In conclusion, using a flow neck putter provides golfers with several advantages that can help them perform better on the putting green. Proper alignment is encouraged, as well as increased control over distance and direction while still allowing for accuracy. Additionally, certain features can help increase feel and feedback at impact so that one can make better decisions about which type of shot they should play next. With all these advantages combined, using a flow neck putter could be just what you need to take your game to the next level!

Different Types of Flow Neck Putters

Flow neck putters are a unique design of putter that have become increasingly popular in recent years. The traditional design of a putter head has a hosel, or neck, that attaches the shaft to the head of the club. However, in a flow neck putter, the hosel is removed and replaced with an angled transition from the shaft to the clubhead. This design helps to improve alignment and accuracy when putting and can provide more consistency for golfers. There are several different types of flow neck putters available on the market today, each offering their own advantages and benefits.

The most common type of flow neck putter is a face-balanced design. This type of putter has a straight line between the shaft and clubhead and helps promote better accuracy when putting. Face-balanced models also tend to be more consistent when it comes to distance control, since they are less affected by changing conditions on the greens.

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Another popular type of flow neck putter is a heel-shafted model. This type of putter has an angled hosel that connects to the shaft at an angle near the heel of the clubhead. Heel-shafted models provide more forgiveness on off-center strikes and can help golfers maintain control over their shots even when hitting from difficult positions or off-angle lies.

Finally, there are also toe-shafted flow neck putters available on the market today. These models feature an angled hosel that connects to the shaft near the toe of the clubhead, which allows for improved accuracy when putting from difficult positions or off-angle lies. Toe-shafted designs also tend to provide more power behind your shots since they help you use your bodyweight for added momentum on your stroke.

No matter what type of flow neck putter you choose, you can rest assured knowing that it will help improve your accuracy when putting and give you greater control over your shots. With so many different types available today, you’re sure to find one that fits your game perfectly!

Customizing Your Flow Neck Putter

Customizing your Flow Neck putter is a great way to make sure you get the best performance out of your golf game. With a Flow Neck putter, you can choose from different head designs, lengths, and weights to create a club that fits your swing and playing style. Here are some tips for customizing your Flow Neck putter to help you get the most out of it.

The first step in customizing your Flow Neck putter is to choose the right head design. There are several styles of Flow Neck putters available, including blade, mallet, and hybrid designs. The type of head design you choose will have an impact on the accuracy and distance of your shots. Different head designs also provide different levels of forgiveness and feel on shots.

Next, you’ll want to select the right length for your Flow Neck putter. The length of your club will determine how far you can reach when putting. Generally speaking, shorter clubs will give you more control over your shots while longer clubs provide more power and distance. You should experiment with different lengths until you find one that works best for your swing style.

Finally, choosing the right weight for your Flow Neck putter is essential for getting the most out of it. Weight affects how much force is required to hit a shot with the club. Heavyweight clubs require more force but can provide more power behind shots while lightweight clubs require less force but can provide greater accuracy and control over shots.

By following these tips for customizing a Flow Neck putter, you can make sure that the club fits perfectly into your golf game and helps you play at peak performance levels. With just a few simple adjustments, you’ll be able to get the most out of your flow neck putter so that every shot counts!

The Pros and Cons of Using a Flow Neck Putter

Flow neck putters offer a unique design that provides an alternative to traditional putters. They are designed with the aim of improving the accuracy, consistency, and feel of your putting stroke. With a flow neck putter, you’ll find it easier to keep your wrists and arms in the correct position throughout your stroke. The result is more consistent contact with the ball on each putt.

However, there are some drawbacks to using a flow neck putter that should be considered before making your purchase. One potential issue is that the design can cause some players to struggle with keeping their eyes over the ball at address. This can lead to mis-hits and off-line shots if not corrected quickly. Additionally, some players find it difficult to adjust their grip when switching from a traditional putter to a flow neck one.

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The pros and cons of using a flow neck putter should be carefully evaluated before making any purchase decision. While they can provide improved accuracy and consistency, these benefits come at the cost of potentially increased difficulty in maintaining proper form during the stroke. Players who have difficulty adjusting their grip may want to consider other options or practice with a flow neck putter before investing in one for regular use on the course.

Choosing the Right Flow Neck Putter

When it comes to picking a putter, choosing the right flow neck putter is key to improving your golf game. Flow neck putters are designed to help golfers improve their accuracy and consistency on the green. They are designed with an offset hosel, which helps keep your hands in the correct position throughout your putting stroke. This will help you hit more accurate shots and get more consistent results. The flow neck putter also helps reduce wrist action, improving your accuracy by allowing you to take a more controlled approach to each putt.

The first step in selecting a flow neck putter is determining the type that best fits your game. There are several different types of flow neck putters available, including those with an alignment line, those with softer weights, and those with deeper grooves. Each type of putter will provide different benefits depending on your playing style and preferences. You should also consider how much weight you will need in the head of the club and whether or not you need a larger face for improved accuracy.

Once you have determined which type of flow neck putter is best for you, it’s important to test out various models before making a purchase. Try out different models at a golf store or range before committing to one. Test each model for its feel and accuracy on the green as well as its overall performance during practice sessions. Make sure that the model fits comfortably in your hands and that it produces consistent results when striking balls on the green.

Finally, make sure that you purchase a quality flow neck putter from a reputable manufacturer. Look for reviews online or ask friends who use these types of clubs for their opinion on particular brands or models. Taking these simple steps can help ensure that you get the right flow neck putter for your game and budget so you can start playing better golf right away!

How to Use a Flow Neck Putter Properly

Using a flow neck putter correctly is essential for achieving success in golf. A flow neck putter is designed to provide you with more control over the ball and give you better accuracy with your shots. It is important to understand how to properly use a flow neck putter in order to maximize your results on the course. Here are some tips on using a flow neck putter properly:

First, set up correctly. When using a flow neck putter, it is important to set up correctly so that your ball will travel in the direction you intended it to go. Make sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart and that you are standing upright, with your arms relaxed. You should also make sure that your eyes are directly over the ball when setting up for a shot.

Second, focus on the target. Before taking your shot, focus on the target you want your ball to go towards. Visualizing where you want the ball to end up can help improve accuracy and control of your shot.

Third, maintain good posture throughout the shot. As you take your shot, make sure that you keep good posture throughout the process. Keep your arms relaxed and avoid swinging too hard or too fast as this can affect how well you hit the ball and how accurately it travels towards its intended target. Also, be sure to keep your head still as this will help ensure that you hit the ball in its intended direction as well.

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Finally, practice regularly and monitor results closely. Practicing regularly with a flow neck putter will help ensure that you are able to consistently hit shots accurately and at their intended target each time. Additionally, monitoring results from each practice session can help determine what adjustments need to be made in order to improve performance and accuracy when using a flow neck putter on the course during an actual game of golf.

By following these tips on how to use a flow neck putter properly, golfers can improve their accuracy and control when taking shots on the course and increase their chances of success at golf overall.

The Best Brands for Flow Neck Putters

When it comes to the best brands for Flow Neck Putters, it’s hard to beat Odyssey. Odyssey has been making quality putters since its inception in 1991, and they have consistently produced some of the best-performing putters on the market. Their Flow Neck Putter design is one of their most popular models and offers golfers a great combination of control and feel. Other top brands for Flow Neck Putters include TaylorMade, Cleveland Golf, Titleist and Ping.

Odyssey putters have always been known for their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. They are made from high quality materials and feature a unique flow neck design that helps golfers achieve a better alignment with every stroke. The weight distribution of Odyssey putters is also well-balanced, allowing golfers to maintain control over their shots with ease.

TaylorMade is another top brand for Flow Neck Putters that offers golfers a unique blend of performance and style. They are well-known for their M3 line of putters which feature a variety of innovative technologies designed to improve accuracy and consistency. TaylorMade’s Flow Neck Technology also helps golfers maintain more consistent contact with the ball, resulting in more accurate shots overall.

Cleveland Golf is another top brand for Flow Neck Putters that is known for its high quality construction and performance enhancing features. Cleveland’s RTX 4 line of putters are particularly well-received by golfers thanks to their Tour Zip Grooves which help increase spin on approach shots as well as providing added grip in wet conditions. Cleveland also offers several other styles of putter featuring their unique flow neck design including the Versa line which comes in both standard length and belly length models.

Titleist makes some excellent putters as well, including several models featuring their patented Heel Shafted Technology which provides golfers with enhanced stability when putting from off-center lies or tricky green contours. Their Scotty Cameron Select line features a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights allowing players to find the perfect fit for their game while still taking advantage of Titleist’s renowned craftsmanship and performance enhancing technologies.

Finally, Ping has been producing quality putters since its inception in 1959 and continues to be one of the most respected names in the industry today. Their G Series line is packed full of innovative technologies designed to help golfers improve accuracy while maintaining a classic look at address. Ping’s Glide 2.0 technology provides golfers with an improved response off the face while still offering great feel around the greens thanks to its soft elastomer insert material – making it an ideal option for anyone looking for an all-around great performing Flow Neck Putter from one of the best brands in the game today!


The Flow Neck Putter is a great choice for golfers who want to experience improved accuracy, consistency, and overall performance on the golf course. This putter has been designed with the latest technology to give golfers a better feel and control on their shots. The Flow Neck’s unique design allows it to be used in a variety of situations as well as provide increased stability and accuracy when striking the ball. With its lightweight construction and superior craftsmanship, the Flow Neck Putter is sure to become a favorite for avid golfers.

Overall, the Flow Neck Putter is an exceptional tool that will help golfers of all skill levels improve their game and take their performance to the next level. With its innovative design and superior quality, this putter is sure to become a favorite for many golfers around the world.