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The Flow Neck Putter is a revolutionary golf club designed to help you improve your game. It is a unique design that combines the traditional look of a putter with the advanced technology of clubhead geometry. The Flow Neck Putter has been developed with innovative features such as an improved face profile for improved ball contact, a deeper cut for greater accuracy, and an adjustable neck to customize the clubhead to your swing. With its superior performance and design, the Flow Neck Putter gives you unbeatable accuracy and control on the green.Using a flow neck putter can provide several benefits to a golfer. These include improved accuracy, better distance control, and increased consistency on the green. With the flow neck design, the shaft is connected directly to the head of the club at a lower angle than traditional putters, allowing for more control and accuracy when putting. The lower angle also helps reduce skidding and hopping, resulting in better distance control and accuracy. Additionally, because the ball is closer to the head of the club when striking it, golfers are able to have more consistent contact with a flow neck putter. This results in more repeatable shots with each stroke.

Blade Putter

Blade putters are the most common type of flow neck putters. They feature a blade-style design, with a single-piece metal shaft that is connected to the putter head. This design provides a lot of control for players who prefer to use their wrists and arms more than their shoulders and hips during their putting stroke. The shaft is usually made from stainless steel or titanium, and the head of the putter is typically made from either aluminum or carbon fiber. The blade putter is great for players who have an aggressive putting stroke and like to hit the ball with precision.

Perimeter Weighted Putter

Perimeter weighted putters are another popular type of flow neck putter. These putters feature a perimeter weighting system, which helps to increase stability during the putting stroke. This style of putter also helps with accuracy by reducing skidding and skimming off the face of the ball. Perimeter weighted putters typically have a more upright lie angle than blade style putters, which makes them great for players who prefer to swing more freely on their putting strokes.

Heel-Toe Weighted Putter

Heel-toe weighted putters are designed for players who prefer a slightly more upright lie angle, but still want some added stability on their putting strokes. These types of flow neck putters feature weights in both the heel and toe sections of the head, which helps with accuracy by reducing skidding off the face of the ball. Heel-toe weighted putters are great for players who want to be able to make small adjustments in their putting strokes without having to drastically change their stance or grip pressure.

Construction of Flow Neck Putters

Flow neck putters are a unique type of golf club with an offset hosel that is designed to help golfers improve their accuracy and control when putting. The flow neck design helps to reduce the tension in the golfer’s arms and wrists, which can lead to more consistent contact with the ball. The design also helps to keep the putter face square at impact, allowing for more consistent ball flight. In order to construct a flow neck putter, a number of different materials and components must be used.

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The first step in constructing a flow neck putter is to select the correct shaft material. Steel is typically used for most putters due to its stiffness and strength, although some manufacturers have begun using graphite or other composite materials. Once the shaft material has been chosen, it must be cut to length and shaped with a special tool called a lathe, which allows for precise shaping of the shaft.

The next step is to attach the hosel onto the shaft. This is done by drilling two holes into either end of the hosel, then inserting screws into those holes and securing them into place on the shaft. Next, a counterweight must be added onto the head of the club in order to balance out its weight distribution. This counterweight can be made from either steel or tungsten, depending on what type of feel and performance characteristics are desired from the club.

Finally, an insert must be installed inside of the club head in order to provide additional weighting and adjustability options for golfers. This insert can be made from either plastic or aluminum, depending on what type of feel and performance characteristics are desired from the club. Once all components have been attached correctly and securely, it is time for final assembly and testing before it is ready for sale!

Weighted Flow Neck Putter Head Design

The Weighted Flow Neck Putter Head Design is a revolutionary new design for golf putters, designed to increase accuracy and consistency on the green. This design utilizes a combination of weighted and unweighted regions on the putter head, which helps the golfer better control their putting action and improve their alignment. The putter head also features a unique Flow Neck design, which provides extra stability when striking the ball. The combination of these two features helps minimize mis-hits and encourages a smoother swing through impact. With this innovative design, golfers can enjoy more consistent and accurate putting results.

The Weighted Flow Neck Putter Head Design also offers increased feedback to the golfer, helping them to better understand their swing mechanics and make adjustments accordingly. This feedback is provided through the weight distribution of the putter head as well as its unique shape. The weight distribution ensures that weight is concentrated in an area where it can be felt most effectively by the golfer, while its shape allows for improved alignment when striking the ball. As a result, golfers can make necessary adjustments to ensure they are consistently hitting near-perfect shots on every putt.

Overall, the Weighted Flow Neck Putter Head Design is an incredibly effective way to improve accuracy and consistency on the green. Its unique combination of weighted regions and flow neck technology provide increased feedback to help golfers understand their swings better than ever before. With this revolutionary new design, golfers can look forward to more precise putting results every time they hit the green!

Groove Technology in Flow Neck Putters

Groove technology has revolutionized the game of golf and its accuracy. It is a precision-engineered technology that helps to ensure a consistent and accurate ball flight. It works by providing an improved contact between the clubface and the ball, which helps to reduce spin and increase distance. With this improved contact, golfers can trust their shots more than ever before. Groove technology in Flow neck putters also helps to improve feel, allowing golfers to better control their shots and accurately judge distances. This enhanced feel also improves accuracy when putting as well, improving the overall performance of the golfer.

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The Flow neck putter is a type of putter that has been designed with groove technology in mind. The putter features a contoured neck which allows for improved stability and accuracy when putting. The grooves on the clubface are designed to match up perfectly with the grooves on the ball, helping to improve contact between the two surfaces for maximum accuracy. The Flow neck putter also features variable face milling which provides additional spin reduction, allowing for even more control over direction and distance.

The Flow neck putter is one of the most popular types of putters on the market today due to its combination of groove technology and variable face milling. The improved accuracy it offers makes it an attractive choice for golfers of all skill levels who are looking for better performance on the greens. With its enhanced feel, improved accuracy, and spin reduction capabilities, it’s no wonder why so many golfers are choosing groove technology in Flow neck putters today.

Length Adjustability of Flow Neck Putters

The Flow Neck putter is a popular choice for golfers due to its adjustable length. It has a unique design that allows the golfer to change the length of the putter by just a few millimeters. This makes it easy to adjust the putter to fit the golfer’s height and posture. Furthermore, it also allows the golfer to customize their stance and stroke, enabling them to maximize their performance on the putting green. The adjustable length feature of the Flow Neck putter makes it an ideal choice for golfers of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

The adjustable length feature is also beneficial for improving one’s putting accuracy. By adjusting the length of the putter, golfers can fine-tune their stance and stroke, allowing them to hit more accurate shots on the green. Furthermore, adjusting the length allows golfers to reduce or eliminate any inconsistencies in their swing which can lead to mis-hits on their putts. The adjustable length feature of Flow Neck putters also allows golfers to try different lengths without having to buy multiple putters, saving them time and money in the long run.

In addition, adjustable length feature of Flow Neck Putters also helps with club fitting. Professional club fitters often recommend different lengths for different players depending on their size and preferences. By being able adjust their lengths, players can test out different clubs without having to buy multiple clubs at once, helping them find that perfect fit for optimal performance on the course.

Overall, Flow Neck Putters are an ideal choice for any golfer looking for an adjustable length option that can provide maximum performance on the course while still being easy and affordable on your pocketbook. With its adjustable length feature, it is perfect for players at all skill levels who are looking for maximum accuracy from their putting game.

Alignment Aids on a Flow Neck Putter

Alignment aids are helpful for golfers in improving their putting accuracy and consistency. They are a great addition to any putter, especially the popular flow neck putter. Flow neck putters have been used by many professional golfers as they offer a unique alignment feature which makes it easier to line up the ball with the intended target. Alignment aids help with this process by providing an easy-to-see visual cue that helps players line up their putts more accurately.

The most common type of alignment aid used on flow neck putters is a sight line, which is typically placed on top of the club head and can be adjusted to fit the golfer’s individual preference. Sight lines help golfers line up their shots by providing a clear reference point that can be easily seen from address position. Another popular alignment aid used on flow neck putters is an alignment dot, which is typically placed at the toe or heel of the club head. Alignment dots help players identify where the ball should be relative to their intended target and provide an additional visual reference when addressing the ball.

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It’s important to note that using alignment aids on a flow neck putter does not guarantee improved performance or accuracy when putting. While these aids can help with proper aim and setup, it’s still necessary for players to practice proper technique in order to develop consistent putting results. However, when used correctly, alignment aids can provide an additional level of confidence that helps golfers focus more on their technique rather than worrying about lining up their shot properly.

Grip Options for a Flow Neck Putter

The grip you choose for your Flow Neck putter can play a big role in improving your golf game. There are many different types of putter grips available, and each offers its own benefits. The right grip can help you make a more consistent stroke, which can lead to improved accuracy and lower scores. Here are some of the most popular choices when it comes to finding the right grip for your Flow Neck putter:

The classic Tour-Style Putter Grip is a great choice for those who want the traditional look and feel in their game. This type of grip features a thicker lower hand and thinner upper hand, which helps promote a more consistent stroke. It also provides plenty of feedback so you can fine-tune your putting stroke.

For those looking for more cushioning, there are Putter Grips with Memory Foam Core technology. These grips feature an inner core of high-density memory foam that provides maximum comfort, feel, and control while putting. The foam also helps reduce vibration so you can hit more accurate shots with less effort.

If you’re looking for something even softer, there are Putter Grips with Microfiber Wrap technology. These grips feature an outer wrap of microfiber material that provides extra cushioning and comfort while putting. The soft texture also helps to reduce vibration so you can make a smoother stroke with better control over your shots.

Finally, if you’re looking for something unique, there are Putter Grips with Multi-Compound technology. These grips feature multiple layers of rubber compounds that provide both cushioning and traction while putting. The layers offer varying levels of firmness so you can choose the one that best suits your game style and preferences.

No matter which type of putter grip you choose, make sure it fits comfortably in your hands and provides enough feedback so that you can make consistent strokes on the green. With the right grip on your Flow Neck putter, you’ll be ready to take your game to the next level!


The Flow Neck putter is an excellent choice for any golfer who wants to improve their performance on the green. It offers a unique design with its high MOI and flow neck, which provides superior stability when putting. The weight placement of the Flow Neck putter also helps with improved accuracy and distance control. The lightweight design and forgiving feel make it easy to use, even for those just starting out with golfing.

For those looking for a reliable putter that will help them improve their game, the Flow Neck putter is an excellent choice. With its unique design, it provides superior stability and accuracy while being lightweight enough to be easy to use. With consistent practice and dedication, the Flow Neck putter can help golfers of all levels take their game to the next level!

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