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garmin approach s40 review

The Garmin Approach S40 is a sleek and modern golf watch that combines style and performance. With its stylish design and ultra-lightweight body, it’s sure to be the envy of the golf course. From its easy-to-use touchscreen to its detailed stat tracking and course mapping capabilities, the Garmin Approach S40 is packed with features that make it a must-have for any golfer. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the Garmin Approach S40 such an impressive golf watch.The Garmin Approach S40 is a stylish and feature-packed GPS golf watch that helps golfers improve their game. It features a 1.2” sunlight-readable color touchscreen display and preloaded course maps for over 41,000 courses worldwide. The watch offers a variety of advanced tools to help golfers keep score and track their performance, including Green View for manual pin positioning, hazard information, and shot tracking. Additionally, the Approach S40 includes smart notifications for incoming calls, texts, emails, and other alerts right on your wrist. The device also has up to 15 hours of battery life in GPS mode and can be used both on and off the course.

Design of Garmin Approach S40

The Garmin Approach S40 is a sleek, modern golf watch designed to provide golfers with an accurate and comprehensive view of their game. Its intuitive design allows for easy navigation, with large, easy-to-read numbers on the display. The watch also features a quick-view summary of the course layout and hazards, allowing you to quickly assess any situation. Additionally, the S40 has a built-in GPS that provides precise distances to the front, back and center of the green. It also offers shot tracking capabilities that allow you to monitor your performance throughout the round. The watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, making it perfect for all conditions. The approach S40 also features interchangeable bands for personalization and style.

The Garmin Approach S40 is a great choice for golfers who want an easy-to-use device to help improve their game. Its sleek design makes it comfortable to wear all day long, while its comprehensive features provide valuable insight into your performance on the course. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, the Garmin Approach S40 can help take your game to the next level.


The Garmin Approach S40 is a sleek, lightweight golf watch designed with improved style and comfort. The watch has a 1.2-inch sunlight-visible, high-resolution display that is easy to read and navigate while playing golf. The S40 also features a stainless steel bezel with scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens, which makes it incredibly durable and resistant to dirt and sweat. It comes with an interchangeable silicone band for added comfort during the game.

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Golf Features

The Garmin Approach S40 is designed specifically for golfers, featuring preloaded 41,000+ international courses with automatic updates for free. It also has precise yardage information from tee to green as well as shot tracking for post-round analysis of accuracy and distances. The watch also offers virtual caddie that provides personalized club recommendations based on the user’s performance data. Additionally, the S40 includes Green View feature which allows users to manually move pin position to the day’s location on the green and get distances to any point on the course.

Fitness Tracking

The Garmin Approach S40 is not just limited to golfing features but also provides fitness tracking capabilities such as step counter, calorie counter, sleep monitoring and more. It can also track activities such as running and cycling by utilizing GPS tracking technology. Additionally, it has a battery life of up to 10 days in smartwatch mode or up to 15 hours in GPS mode.


The Garmin Approach S40 also connects with smartphones via Bluetooth technology for notifications such as calls, texts and emails while playing on the course. It is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones so users can stay connected while out on the links without having to bring their phones along with them. Additionally, users can access detailed stats such as stroke play analysis through the Garmin Golf app available for download on both platforms.

Garmin Approach S40 Battery Life

The Garmin Approach S40 is an excellent golf GPS watch with a modern design and a long battery life. It has a 10-hour battery life in full GPS mode, which is more than enough for most golf rounds. The battery life can be extended by using the low power mode, which will give you up to 20 hours of battery life. The watch also has QuickCharge technology, which allows you to get up to 50% charge in just 15 minutes. This makes it easy to recharge your watch between rounds without having to worry about running out of juice on the course. The Garmin Approach S40 also has a convenient power-saving mode that will turn off features when not in use and extend the battery life even further. Overall, the Garmin Approach S40 has great battery life and is sure to meet the needs of any golfer looking for a reliable GPS watch with long-lasting battery power.

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Garmin Approach S40 Display Quality

The Garmin Approach S40 is a stylish golf watch with an impressive display that provides accurate, detailed information. The 1.2-inch color touchscreen has a crisp, bright display that is easy to read in any light conditions. It also has a sunlight-visible display that allows you to use the watch in bright sunlight without having to squint or strain your eyes. The touchscreen also makes it easy to navigate menus and select options with just a few taps. With the ability to customize the watch face and data fields, you can make sure the information displayed is exactly what you need at any given time. The battery life of the Garmin Approach S40 is quite good as well, providing up to 12 hours of use on a single charge. All in all, the Garmin Approach S40 offers an excellent display quality that is both easy to read and customize for your needs.

Preloaded Courses on Garmin Approach S40

The Garmin Approach S40 is a golf smartwatch that comes preloaded with over 41,000 courses from around the world, making it easier than ever to find the perfect course for your game. The courses are all fully detailed, giving you an accurate layout of the entire course, as well as hazards and other features. With this in mind, you can make sure you know exactly where to hit your shots and set up your strategy accordingly. You can also add your own custom notes to each course as well, allowing you to personalize your experience even further. On top of this, the Garmin Approach S40 also offers a scorecard feature which allows you to track your scores over multiple rounds and analyze your performance. This can be especially useful for players looking to improve their skills or lower their handicap. With all these features, the Garmin Approach S40 makes it easy to get the most out of every round of golf.

Garmin Approach S40

The Garmin Approach S40 is a state-of-the-art golf tracking and analysis device designed to help golfers improve their game. With its unique, intuitive design, the Garmin Approach S40 provides golfers with detailed data about every shot they take. It also includes a range of features to help golfers analyze their game and track their performance over time. The device uses Advanced Shot Detection technology to automatically detect when a shot has been taken, which helps golfers keep track of each shot they take on the course. The Garmin Approach S40 also offers a host of other helpful features such as virtual caddies, scorecards and even GPS yardage for courses around the world.

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The Garmin Approach S40 is designed to be easy to use for all levels of golfer. Its intuitive design makes it simple to access key information quickly and easily during play. With its range of features and functions, the Garmin Approach S40 can help track your progress over time, as well as offering helpful tips and insights on how to improve your game. It also allows you to save your best rounds for review later on. Additionally, the device is waterproof so you can use it in any weather condition without worrying about damaging it.

Overall, the Garmin Approach S40 is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced golfers looking to track their performance and improve their game. With its advanced tracking capabilities and easy-to-use design, it’s never been easier to stay on top of your game when out on the course. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for ways to get better at golf, the Garmin Approach S40 is definitely worth considering.

Pros of Garmin Approach S40

The Garmin Approach S40 is an excellent golf watch for all levels of golfers. It offers a variety of features to help you track your progress on the course. The GPS receiver is highly accurate and can give you precise yardages to the pin, hazards, and doglegs. It also has a detailed color display that makes it easy to read and navigate around the course. Additionally, the watch has Green View technology which allows you to manually move the pin placement for more accurate approach shots. Other features include a digital scorecard, automatic course recognition, and activity tracking.

Cons of Garmin Approach S40

The main downside to the Garmin Approach S40 is its price tag. It can be quite expensive compared to other GPS watches on the market. Additionally, it does not have the same level of customization as some higher-end models. Finally, some users have reported that its battery life can be rather short when used frequently.


The Garmin Approach S40 is an excellent golf-specific watch that’s perfect for golfers of all skill levels. It has more than 41,000 courses worldwide, providing detailed yardages to the green and other hazards. It also offers additional features such as AutoShot tracking and scoring, Green View with manual pin placement, and Smart Notification reminders. The design is sleek and comfortable, while the battery life is good enough to last a full round of golf. All in all, the Approach S40 is an ideal choice for any serious golfer looking to improve their game.

For those who want the ultimate in golf convenience and tracking, the Garmin Approach S40 should be at the top of your list. Its advanced features make it a great choice for golfers looking to improve their game while enjoying a fun day on the course.

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