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Justin Thomas is an American professional golfer who has had a very successful career since he began playing in the PGA Tour in 2013. He is a two-time winner of the PGA Championship, and has also won the FedEx Cup twice. He currently holds the record for the lowest round in major championship history and is ranked number three in the world by the Official World Golf Ranking. As we look ahead to 2022, Justin Thomas promises to be one of the top contenders for major championships and other tournaments throughout the year. With his consistent performance and impressive track record, Justin Thomas looks to be a force to be reckoned with on tour in 2022.Justin Thomas’ 2022 WITB (bag setup) is a perfect combination of modern technology and classic design. His driver of choice is the TaylorMade SIM2 Max with 9° loft. It has a Fujikura Ventus 6 X shaft that helps him launch the ball with amazing speed and accuracy. The fairway woods he uses are also from TaylorMade, the SIM Max 3-wood and SIM Max 5-wood with 15° and 18° lofts respectively. Both feature a Fujikura Ventus 8 X shaft for increased stability and accuracy off the tee.

For his irons, Justin Thomas adds some classic style to his bag by using Mizuno MP-20 MB blades for 3-PW irons with Project X LZ 6.5 shafts. These blades are designed to give him maximum control over every shot, while also providing a classic look at address. He also carries two Mizuno T20 wedges (50° & 56°) in his bag to increase his versatility around the greens. These wedges come with Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 shafts for improved feel and control when chipping or pitching.

Justin Thomas rounds out his bag setup with an Odyssey O-Works #7 putter featuring a Black/White/Red SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip. This putter is designed to help him roll in more putts from any distance, giving him an edge when it comes to sinking those crucial putts during tournaments.

Justin Thomas 2022 Putter: What He’s Playing

Golf fans everywhere have been wondering what Justin Thomas will be playing in his putter for the 2022 season. Fortunately, we now have an answer. Justin Thomas has recently announced that he will be playing a TaylorMade Spider EX putter for the upcoming year. The TaylorMade Spider EX is one of the most popular putters on tour and it is no surprise that Justin Thomas has chosen to use it.

The TaylorMade Spider EX features a unique design with its square shape and curved edges which provide an incredibly stable and consistent roll to your putts. It also has a lightweight aluminum construction which means it is much easier to control than other putters on the market. The TaylorMade Spider EX also features an adjustable weight system, allowing you to customize your putter to get exactly the feel you are looking for.

Justin Thomas is known for his short game prowess so it makes sense that he would choose a putter like the TaylorMade Spider EX to help him with his putting this season. With its lightweight construction and adjustable weight system, the TaylorMade Spider EX allows Justin Thomas to get exactly the feel he needs from his putts in order to be successful on the golf course.

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Justin Thomas is always looking for ways to improve his game and by choosing the TaylorMade Spider EX as his putter for 2022, he is sure to have another successful year on tour. Golf fans everywhere are now eagerly awaiting their chance to see Justin Thomas in action this season with his new TaylorMade Spider EX putter in hand!

What’s In Justin Thomas’ WITB for 2021?

Justin Thomas has been one of the most successful players on the PGA Tour in recent years, and his WITB for 2021 is no different. His bag is a mixture of some of the best equipment from various manufacturers, all designed to help him perform at his best.

Thomas’ driver is a Titleist TSi4, with a Project X HZRDUS Smoke shaft. This combination provides him with plenty of distance and accuracy off the tee. He also carries three different fairway woods, including the Titleist 917F2 (16.5 degrees), 917F3 (19 degrees) and 915F (23 degrees).

His irons are a set of Titleist 718 MB irons (4-PW), which provide him with precision and control on all his shots into the green. Thomas also carries two different wedges: The Titleist Vokey SM7 (48 degrees) and SM8 (52 & 56 degrees). These wedges have become staples in many professional bags due to their versatility and accuracy around the greens.

Finally, Justin carries two different putters: The Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 prototype model, which he uses when playing on fast greens; and an Odyssey White Hot Pro 2-Ball for slower greens. Both putters provide great feel and response so that he can make more putts when it matters most.

Overall, Justin Thomas’ WITB for 2021 is a testament to his commitment to playing at the highest level possible every time he steps onto the course. With this combination of clubs in his bag, Thomas should have no trouble competing against some of the world’s best players this season.

Justin Thomas’ Driver and Fairway Woods in 2022

In 2022, Justin Thomas will be looking to add more power and accuracy to his game with his driver and fairway woods. The golf equipment industry is continuously innovating, and new designs are being developed to help golfers improve their game. Justin Thomas will be looking at the latest technology and designs, as well as the most reliable brands when choosing his driver and fairway woods for the 2022 season. He will likely look for a driver with a larger sweet spot that provides maximum forgiveness, as well as a fairway wood with additional control and increased accuracy.

Justin Thomas is no stranger to the latest advancements in golf technology, so he will likely have no trouble finding the perfect driver and fairway woods for his game. He may opt for a driver with adjustable weights that allow him to adjust his launch angle, spin rate, and ball flight trajectory. He may also choose a fairway wood that offers added forgiveness on off-center hits, which can help him hit more consistent shots from the rough or fairway.

The golf equipment market is constantly changing, so Justin Thomas will need to pay close attention to any new clubs that are released before making any decisions. He should also compare different brands of clubs to determine which offer the best performance for his game. With so many options available in 2022, Justin Thomas should be able to find the perfect combination of driver and fairway woods for his game.

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Justin Thomas’ Hybrids and Wedges in 2022

Professional golfer Justin Thomas is set to release a new line of hybrids and wedges in 2022. Thomas, who has won 13 PGA Tour events including the 2017 PGA Championship, has already established himself as one of the best players in the world. His new clubs will be designed to help golfers get more distance and accuracy on their shots.

The new hybrid clubs will feature a large sweet spot for increased forgiveness and a more consistent ball flight. The wedges will have a slightly larger head size than traditional wedges, providing golfers with more control and shot-making ability. The clubs will also feature advanced materials that are designed to increase spin rates while still providing maximum distance.

Thomas’ signature hybrids and wedges will also include several unique features. The clubs will be available in different lofts, shafts, and grip sizes to provide golfers with the perfect fit for their game. Each club in the line will also include custom-designed alignment aids to help golfers aim their shots accurately.

Justin Thomas’ signature hybrid and wedge line is set to be released in 2022, giving golfers around the world an exciting new option for improving their game. With these innovative clubs, players of all skill levels can look forward to greater accuracy, increased distance, and improved control on their shots.

Jordan Thomas’ Irons in His WITB for 2022

Jordan Thomas has been an impressive golfer since he joined the PGA Tour in 2017. In 2021, he won his first major tournament, the PGA Championship, and is now considered one of the top players on tour. As a result, fans and other golfers alike have been eager to find out what clubs Jordan has been using to achieve such success.

Jordan has recently revealed his iron setup for 2022. He carries four irons in his bag – a Titleist U500 4-iron, a Titleist T100 5-iron, a Titleist 620 MB 6-iron and a Titleist 620 CB 7-iron. All four of these clubs are made with the same high-end materials that Jordan needs to perform at his best.

The U500 4-iron is designed with an upset muscle back design that allows for higher launch angles and increased forgiveness on off center shots. The T100 5-iron is designed with a tour validated sole width that provides optimal turf interaction and workability from any lie. The 620 MB 6-iron is designed with a muscle back design that allows for maximum control and feel while still providing forgiveness on off center hits. Finally, the 620 CB 7-iron is designed with an undercut cavity back design that provides maximum ball speed on off center hits while still providing workability from any lie.

Overall, Jordan’s iron setup for 2022 provides him with the perfect balance of forgiveness and workability that he needs to perform at his best. With these irons in his bag, Jordan will be well equipped to take on any course or challenge thrown his way.

Justin Thomas Playing the Same Shafts In 2022?

Justin Thomas is a professional golfer, who has won many titles including PGA Player of the Year in 2017. He is currently playing with Titleist clubs and shafts. The question is, will he be using the same shafts in 2022?

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The answer is that it is too early to tell. Justin Thomas has been an avid Titleist user since his professional career began, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will remain with their clubs and shafts. In the past, he has been known to switch up his equipment depending on his current needs.

That said, it’s possible that Justin Thomas could continue using Titleist clubs and shafts for years to come. He has had great success with their products and they offer a wide variety of options for players of all levels. Titleist also offers customization options for those looking to fine-tune their equipment even further.

At this point in time, it’s impossible to know what Justin Thomas’ club setup will look like come 2022. He could potentially change his equipment or stick with his current setup depending on what’s best for him at the time. It will be interesting to see how his game evolves over the next few years and if he does decide to make any changes it could have a major impact on his performance.

Justin Thomas and His Golf Ball Choices

Justin Thomas is widely considered one of the best golfers in the world, and his equipment choices are closely examined by golf fans. In 2022, Justin Thomas will be playing with a few different kinds of golf balls, each designed to give him an advantage on the course.

The first ball he will be using is the Titleist Pro V1x. This ball is designed to provide maximum distance off the tee, as well as great control around the green. It has a slightly higher spin rate than other balls, allowing Justin to shape his shots better and ensure accuracy when hitting into greens.

The second ball Justin will be using is the Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash. This is a variant of the regular Pro V1x which has been engineered for players who hit their shots left-to-right (a “draw”). The Left Dash has a slightly lower spin rate than its predecessor, helping Justin keep his drives in play and ensuring that he can make use of any doglegs or hazards that come into play on a given hole.

Finally, Justin will also be using a new ball from Bridgestone called Tour B XS. This ball is designed to offer maximum distance off the tee while still providing great feel around the green. Its low spin rate makes it ideal for players who hit their shots straight (a “fade”) and need extra help keeping their drives in play.

Overall, these three balls should give Justin Thomas an edge when playing in 2022. He can choose from long-distance drivers as well as control-oriented irons depending on what kind of shot he needs to hit in any given situation. With these three golf balls at his disposal, Justin should have no problem getting back to top form this season!


Justin Thomas has been an excellent golfer in the PGA Tour, having achieved great success in the 2021 season. He has developed an impressive repertoire of shots and strategies that puts him in a great position to take on the challenges of the 2022 season and beyond. With his natural ability, strong work ethic, and determination, Justin Thomas will continue to be a major force in golf for years to come. He is sure to be one of the most exciting players to watch, and he could very well become one of the greatest golfers of all time.

The 2022 season promises to be an exciting one for Justin Thomas and his fans alike. With continued hard work and dedication, who knows what he can achieve? It’s certain that we’ll see more amazing performances from Justin Thomas as he takes on the PGA Tour in 2022.