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mizuno mp 59 release date

The Mizuno MP-59 is a new release from the world-renowned Mizuno brand. Combining classic Mizuno craftsmanship with modern technology, the MP-59 offers golfers an all-in-one package designed to optimize their game. Crafted from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, the MP-59 features a classic muscle back design that provides superior feel and precision. Thanks to its high-tech Multi Thickness Face design, golfers can enjoy maximum ball speed and distance while maintaining control and accuracy. The Mizuno MP-59 was released on April 1st, 2021.The Mizuno MP 59 iron was released in March 2013.

When Will the Mizuno MP 59 Be Available?

The Mizuno MP 59 irons are highly anticipated and expected to be available in early 2021. The MP 59 is the latest model in the Mizuno lineup and promises to offer an improved performance over their previous models. The clubs feature a new multi-material design that combines a carbon steel body with a titanium face for maximum power and accuracy. They also feature a thinner top line, improved sole width, and an advanced vibration dampening system to reduce shock on impact.

The clubs are expected to have a wide range of lofts, lengths, and shafts available to accommodate golfers of all levels. They will also be equipped with Mizuno’s signature Grain Flow Forging technology for optimal feel and consistency from shot to shot.

Mizuno has been known for producing some of the highest-quality golf equipment on the market, and the MP 59 is no exception. Professional golfers have already started testing out the new clubs in anticipation of their release later this year. Many pros are excited about the potential performance benefits that come with these new irons, such as increased distance and improved accuracy.

For those who want to get their hands on these clubs sooner rather than later, pre-ordering will be an option when they become available. This will allow golfers to reserve their set before anyone else, ensuring they can start taking advantage of their improved performance as soon as possible.

With its sleek design and advanced technology, there’s no doubt that the Mizuno MP 59 will be one of the hottest irons on the market when they become available in 2021. Golfers everywhere should keep an eye out for these irons as they’re sure to make an impact on their game!

Overview of the Mizuno MP 59

The Mizuno MP 59 is a golf club designed for golfers seeking a combination of forgiveness and a tour-level feel. This iron set features Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process which creates a soft, yet powerful feel. The MP 59 also features a Diamond Muscle design with an expanded sweet spot that offers improved forgiveness on off-center strikes. The irons also feature an increased offset, which helps reduce slicing and makes it easier to hit the ball straight. Additionally, the irons are equipped with multi-material dampening inserts that add additional stability and improve sound and feel at impact.

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Key Features of the Mizuno MP 59

The Mizuno MP 59 features several key technologies that make it one of the most popular iron sets on the market. The Grain Flow Forging process creates a soft yet powerful feel, while the Diamond Muscle design increases forgiveness on off-center shots. Additionally, the irons feature an increased offset, which reduces slicing and makes hitting straighter shots easier. The multi-material dampening inserts provide additional stability and improve sound and feel at impact. Lastly, the irons have been designed with strategic lofts to help golfers optimize their launch conditions for any given shot.

Performance of the Mizuno MP 59

The performance of the Mizuno MP 59 has been widely praised by golfers of all skill levels. The combination of Grain Flow Forging technology and Diamond Muscle design creates an iron set that offers excellent forgiveness on off-center shots while still providing players with tour-level feedback and control. Additionally, the increased offset helps reduce slicing while making it easier to hit straight shots. Lastly, the multi-material dampening inserts provide additional stability and improve sound and feel at impact.

Latest News on the Mizuno MP 59

Mizuno recently released its latest line of clubs in its popular MP series—the Mizuno MP 59 irons. This iron set features several key technologies such as Grain Flow Forging technology and Diamond Muscle design that make it one of the top performing clubs on the market today. Additionally, these clubs feature an increased offset that reduces slicing while making it easier for players to hit straight shots more consistently. Golfers looking for a combination of forgiveness and tour level performance should definitely consider giving these new clubs a try!

Where to Buy the Mizuno MP 59

The Mizuno MP 59 is a popular golf club that has been around for many years. It is a great choice for those looking for a player-friendly, tour-level set of irons. The MP 59 irons are known for their soft feel and workability, making them an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels. If you are looking to purchase the Mizuno MP 59, there are a few different options available.

One option is to purchase the clubs from an authorized Mizuno retailer. These retailers typically have a full selection of Mizuno products available, including the MP 59 irons. The prices at these retailers will likely be higher than other options, but you can be sure that you are getting a genuine product from an authorized source.

Another option is to shop online. There are numerous websites that offer discounted prices on Mizuno clubs, including the MP 59s. Shopping online can save you money and provide access to deals that may not otherwise be available through a local retailer. However, it is important to make sure that you are purchasing authentic clubs from a reputable source before making your purchase.

Finally, some golf courses or pro shops may also carry the Mizuno MP 59s in stock. These locations may have limited quantities in stock, but they could be worth considering if you are looking for the best price possible on your set of irons.

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Overall, there are many different places where you can buy the Mizuno MP 59s. Shopping around and comparing prices can help ensure that you get the best deal on your new set of irons. Whether you choose to shop online or at your local retailer, finding the right set of clubs should be easy with so many options available today!

Pricing of the Mizuno MP 59

The Mizuno MP 59 irons are one of the most sought after sets in the golfing world. They are known for their superior feel, high performance and classic look. The price of the Mizuno MP 59 irons can vary depending on where you shop, but they generally range from $799 to $899 per set.

This is an expensive set of clubs and is not for everyone. However, the features and benefits that come with them make them a great investment for any golfer looking to improve their game. The Mizuno MP 59 irons have a large sweet spot that makes them easier to hit consistently in all conditions. The lightweight titanium face helps to increase ball speed while offering maximum forgiveness when shots are slightly off-center.

The classic design of the Mizuno MP 59 irons gives them a timeless look that appeals to many golfers. The set also comes with many different shaft options so you can customize your clubs to fit your swing perfectly. All of these features combine to make the MP 59 an excellent choice for players looking for a high quality club set at a competitive price point.

Looks and Feel

The Mizuno MP 59 irons have a traditional look at address, with a slightly larger head size than typical blades. The top line is slightly wider than average, which gives the club a very classic look. The clubs have an offset design, which is beneficial for players looking to correct their slice or draw. The sole of the club features a unique C-shaped design that increases the surface area for more forgiveness and better turf interaction. The clubs are finished with a beautiful chrome plating that is sure to catch the eye of any golfer.


The Mizuno MP 59 irons offer great performance for players of all levels. The offset design helps to reduce slice spin, while the C-shaped sole increases forgiveness and improves turf interaction. The clubs are designed with variable face thickness technology, which helps to increase ball speed and distance on off-center shots. Additionally, the clubs feature an advanced vibration dampening system that helps to reduce unwanted feedback on mis-hits.

Shaft Options

The Mizuno MP 59 irons come standard with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts in either stiff or regular flexes. Additionally, graphite shaft options are available in regular and senior flexes for players who need lighter weight clubs to help them increase their swing speed and generate more distance.

Pros of the Mizuno MP 59

The Mizuno MP 59 offers a number of benefits for golfers. First, it offers a great combination of feel and forgiveness. The club has a unique multi-material construction that provides enhanced feel and feedback, while also offering excellent forgiveness on off-center hits. Additionally, the club is designed with an advanced weighting system that helps to optimize the center of gravity for more consistent ball flight and better shot-shaping capability. The club also features a modern profile that provides a sleek look at address and helps to inspire confidence in golfers.

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Cons of the Mizuno MP 59

The Mizuno MP 59 does have some drawbacks as well. First, it is a relatively expensive club with prices ranging from $200 to $300 depending on the shaft and grip chosen by the golfer. Additionally, the club does not offer any adjustability options, meaning golfers cannot make any changes to the loft or lie angle of the club. Finally, some golfers may find that they struggle to achieve optimal distance with this particular model due to its relatively low launch angle compared to other clubs in its class.

Comparison of the Mizuno MP 59 with Other Golf Clubs

The Mizuno MP 59 irons are some of the best golf clubs on the market. They are designed for maximum control and accuracy, and they have a classic look that appeals to players of all levels. Compared to other golf clubs, the MP 59 offers superior performance and a higher level of playability. The clubhead is slightly larger than other irons, which helps promote greater distance and a more consistent ball flight. The cavity back design also provides more forgiveness on off-center hits, making it easier for players to get the ball in the air. Furthermore, the MP 59 irons feature a thin top line and minimal offset, giving them a clean look at address while still providing maximum playability. In terms of design and performance, the MP 59 irons are clearly superior to other golf clubs on the market.

When it comes to feel, there is no denying that the Mizuno MP 59 irons have an exceptionally soft feel at impact. The soft urethane insert in the clubface helps dampen vibrations for improved feedback and better feel throughout your swing. This makes them ideal for players who want a softer feeling iron without sacrificing any performance. Compared to other golf clubs on the market, the MP 59 offers an unparalleled level of feel to help you dial in your game with greater precision.

In conclusion, it is clear that the Mizuno MP 59 irons offer superior performance compared to other golf clubs on the market. They have a larger clubhead that promotes better distance and accuracy, as well as a forgiving cavity back design that gives you more confidence when hitting your shots. Additionally, their soft urethane insert offers an unmatched level of feel at impact that can help you improve your game with greater precision and control.


The Mizuno MP 59 is a great iron for players looking for a combination of control and forgiveness. It has a classic, traditional look and feel that many golfers will appreciate. The club also features improved turf interaction, making it easier to hit the ball cleanly from any lie. With its release date scheduled for early 2021, golfers should have plenty of time to decide if the Mizuno MP 59 is the perfect match for their game.

The Mizuno MP 59 is an innovative club that is sure to give players greater control and increased distance. It has been designed with precision engineering to ensure that every shot feels smooth and consistent. Golfers can expect improved turf interaction, greater forgiveness, and a traditional look and feel when they make the switch to the Mizuno MP 59. With its upcoming release date in early 2021, it won’t be long before players can experience these benefits on the course.

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