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ping g400 irons reviews

The Ping G400 Irons are some of the most popular clubs in golf today. The G400 is the latest in a long line of irons from Ping, who have been making quality clubs for decades. The G400s offer a combination of forgiveness and playability that has made them very popular with players of all skill levels. In this review, we’ll take a look at the features of the G400 irons and how they perform on the course. We’ll also see what other golfers have to say about them and help you decide if they’re the right clubs for you.The Ping G400 Irons are part of the G series of golf clubs from Ping, designed to provide maximum performance and forgiveness for golfers of all levels. With a larger club head, more forgiving face, and improved sound and feel, the G400 irons have been praised by reviewers for their unmatched combination of distance, accuracy, and playability. The strategic tungsten toe weighting provides a low center of gravity for increased launch and forgiveness on off-center hits. The reduced drag aerodynamics also help create a penetrating ball flight even with slower swing speeds. With feedback from professional tour players incorporated into the design, the Ping G400 Irons have become one of the most popular choices for both amateur and professional golfers alike.

Pros of the Ping G400 Irons

The Ping G400 irons provide an impressive combination of distance, forgiveness and control. The club head is aerodynamically designed to help golfers generate more club head speed and launch the ball higher for more carry. The ultra-thin face is constructed from maraging steel, which helps increase ball speed and distance. The sole has been designed to reduce turf interaction for a smoother, more consistent swing path. Furthermore, the center of gravity has been positioned low and back in the head to help promote a high launch angle with spin control.

The Ping G400 irons also feature a custom tuning port in the back cavity that helps move weight lower and deeper in the club head to improve stability on off-center shots. This technology also helps with sound and feel by damping vibrations at impact for a softer feel. Additionally, the clubs offer great aesthetics with a sleek black finish and contrast between the face and body that will help golfers line up shots easily at address.

Cons of the Ping G400 Irons

The biggest downside of the Ping G400 irons is their cost. They are among the more expensive sets of irons on the market today, so they may not be within everyone’s budget. Additionally, while they are very forgiving due to their design features, they may not be suitable for golfers who struggle with a slice or hook as they don’t offer much workability or shot shaping capabilities compared to other clubs on the market today. Lastly, some players may find them too light as they lack some heft at impact due to their lightweight construction materials.

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The Ping G400 Irons have a distinct design that stands out from other irons on the market. The club faces are made from a high-strength steel that is thinner and more flexible than traditional irons, allowing the club to generate more speed and distance. The soles of the clubs are also designed to be thinner and more flexible for increased playability. The clubs also have a low center of gravity, which helps to keep the ball in the air longer for increased distance.


The Ping G400 Irons feature some of the latest technology in golf equipment. The clubs are designed with an innovative face technology called COR-Eye Technology, which provides increased ball speed and increased forgiveness on off-center hits. In addition, the clubs feature an adjustable hosel that allows players to adjust their lie angle for better accuracy and shot control. Finally, the clubs feature a CTP (Custom Tuning Port) that allows for further customization of the club’s performance by adjusting its weight distribution and CG (Center of Gravity).

Performance of the Ping G400 Irons

The performance of the Ping G400 Irons is one of the main reasons why they have become so popular among golfers. The irons feature a multi-material construction that provides maximum forgiveness and control. The head is made with a lightweight titanium face that is designed to provide maximum power and distance. The design also helps reduce spin, which allows for more accuracy when hitting shots. The club also has a low center of gravity, which helps to keep shots straight and improve accuracy.

The irons also feature a progressive set design that helps golfers customize their clubs for different types of shots. The longer irons have larger heads and deeper grooves to help launch the ball higher, while the shorter irons have smaller heads and shallower grooves to help control trajectory and spin. This allows for greater versatility in shot making, as golfers can tailor their clubs to fit their own unique playing style.

In addition to its impressive performance features, the Ping G400 Irons are also highly durable and are designed to last for many years of use. The clubheads are made with strong materials that can withstand impacts from all types of terrain without becoming damaged or losing their shape. This makes them ideal for players who frequently play on different courses or in different weather conditions. Finally, the irons come with a five-year limited warranty, so golfers can rest assured that their investment will be protected over time.

Distance and Accuracy of the Ping G400 Irons

Ping G400 Irons are one of the most popular clubs on the market today. They are well known for their accuracy and distance. The design of these irons ensure that the ball will fly straight and true with every club in your bag. The G400’s lightweight construction also helps to increase clubhead speed, resulting in longer distances off the tee. The optimized sole widths provide a stable base to hit from, which helps to minimize unwanted side spin. This combination of accuracy and distance makes them an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels.

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The G400 irons also feature a face that is slightly thinner than standard irons, which helps create faster ball speeds off the face. This increased velocity translates into more distance for each shot. Additionally, the large sweet spot ensures that off-center hits still produce good results, so you don’t have to worry about hitting perfect shots every time. The ultra-thin top line gives these irons a classic look at address, while still providing great forgiveness on mis-hits.

Overall, Ping G400 Irons are an excellent choice for golfers looking for maximum accuracy and distance from their clubs. The lightweight design and optimized sole widths provide a stable base for consistent shots while increasing clubhead speed resulting in longer distances off the tee. The large sweet spot ensures that even off-center hits still go straight and true, while the thin top line gives a classic look at address combined with great forgiveness on mis-hits.

Forgiveness of the Ping G400 Irons

The Ping G400 irons are designed to deliver a high level of forgiveness on mis-hits. This is achieved through a combination of the club’s design and technologies, which include a deep-back cavity, COR-Eye Technology, and a low and deep center of gravity. The deep-back cavity allows for more weight to be concentrated in the back of the clubhead, which helps to increase the moment of inertia (MOI) and provide more stability at impact. The COR-Eye Technology works in tandem with the deep-back cavity by redistributing weight from the face further back into the head, resulting in improved launch conditions and greater ball speed on off-center hits. Lastly, the low and deep center of gravity ensures that shots remain on target by helping to reduce spin rates. All together, these features make it easier for golfers to hit shots with precision and accuracy, even when their swings are less than perfect.

The Ping G400 irons also feature an innovative face design that helps to maximize ball speed while providing excellent forgiveness. This is achieved through a multi-material construction that combines two different thicknesses in the face to create an ultra-thin face that helps promote faster ball speeds across all points on the clubface. Additionally, an improved sole design creates more flexibility in how shots can be struck while still maintaining control over spin and trajectory. All these features make it easier for golfers to hit straighter shots with greater distance and accuracy than ever before.


The Ping G400 irons provide a smooth and responsive feel on contact with the ball. The head is constructed from a strong, high-strength steel material that allows for a soft and solid feel at impact. The clubface has an engineered cavity that helps to absorb vibrations for a more comfortable feel. The head also has an elastomer insert that helps to reduce unwanted vibration, providing a better feel during the swing. In addition, the innovative design of the sole and leading edge gives you maximum performance from any lie. Overall, the Ping G400 irons provide players with an exceptional feel during their shots.


The Ping G400 irons have been designed to produce a piercing sound upon impact with the ball. This sound is produced by the clubhead’s construction of maraging steel which offers superior strength and flexibility for longer and straighter shots. Additionally, the cavity back design of the clubhead allows for greater control of your shots as well as improved sound on contact with the ball. As such, golfers can experience a satisfying crack when they make solid contact with their shots using these irons.

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Price Range of the Ping G400 Irons

The Ping G400 Irons are highly sought after golf clubs that offer exceptional performance and value. They are designed to help golfers hit longer and straighter shots with greater accuracy. The Ping G400 Irons feature a progressive head shape with variable sole widths and a low center of gravity for improved ball flight. The Ping G400 Irons also feature a new face design that increases the energy transfer to the ball for increased ball speed and distance. The Ping G400 Irons are available in a variety of prices and can be found at most major online retailers.

The base price range for the Ping G400 Irons is around $800-$900, depending on which retailer you purchase them from. This price range includes the full set, which features a 3-PW set of irons along with a pitching wedge. If you are looking to add additional clubs to your set, such as hybrids or wedges, then you can expect to pay more than the base price range.

The Ping G400 Irons are also available in custom packages that can be tailored to fit your individual needs. These custom packages can include additional clubs such as hybrids, wedges, or even putters at additional costs. If you are looking for a complete custom package then you can expect to pay up to $1,500 or more depending on what options you select.

Overall, the Ping G400 Irons offer excellent performance and value for money when compared to other golf clubs on the market today. They provide an excellent balance between distance and accuracy while still providing great feel and control on your shots. With their wide range of prices, there is sure to be something that fits within any budget so you can enjoy the game of golf without breaking the bank!


The Ping G400 irons reviews have demonstrated that they are an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels looking to improve their accuracy and distance on the course. With a combination of innovative design, impressive performance, and great feel, these clubs are sure to help you get the most out of your game. The combination of forgiveness and control makes them suitable for players at any stage, from beginners to advanced golfers. And with a great look, feel and sound, the G400 irons will definitely help you stand out on the course.

Ping has done an exceptional job creating the G400 irons and it is easy to see why they are so popular. If you’re looking for a great set of clubs that will give you excellent performance without sacrificing any feel or playability, then the G400s should be at the top of your list.

Overall, if you’re looking for a set of clubs that offer excellent forgiveness and control with every shot, then the Ping G400 Irons would be an ideal choice. With their innovative design and impressive performance, these clubs will help take your game to new heights!

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