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pxg cavity back irons

PXG 0811X Cavity Back irons are the latest offering from Parsons Xtreme Golf, one of the leading golf equipment manufacturers. Made from the finest materials and designed with cutting-edge technology, these irons are built to last and provide superior performance. Featuring a large cavity back design, these irons offer increased forgiveness and stability on shots hit off-center. PXG’s signature TPE Technology helps generate consistent ball speeds across the face, while the ultra-thin face design helps create maximum ball speed and launch. With their innovative design and superior craftsmanship, PXG 0811PXG Cavity Back Irons are a type of golf club designed specifically for increased distance, accuracy and forgiveness. They have an oversized head with a deep cavity, allowing the weight to be distributed in the back and bottom of the clubhead for a higher MOI (Moment of Inertia). This helps generate more stability and accuracy on off-center hits. The club also features strategically placed tungsten weights, which help to optimize the center of gravity location for increased launch angle and higher ball speeds.


PXG Cavity Back Irons are designed with performance in mind. The combination of the ultra-thin clubface and the low center of gravity provides maximum distance and accuracy with every shot. The clubface is also designed to flex upon impact, creating an added level of forgiveness on off-center hits. The precision milled grooves are designed for maximum spin control and trajectory on approach shots, allowing you to get closer to the pin.

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The PXG Cavity Back

Forged Construction

PXG Cavity Back Irons are constructed with a precision forging process to ensure that each iron meets the highest quality standards. The irons are forged from soft 1020 carbon steel, providing the ultimate combination of feel and performance. The face is machined to an exacting tolerance, providing maximum ball speed and forgiveness across the entire face. In addition, the sole design features deep grooves and a weight-saving construction, allowing for improved launch conditions and increased shot-shaping capabilities.


Types of PXG Cavity Back Irons

The PXG (Perpetual Xtreme Golf) Cavity Back Irons are designed for golfers looking for a set of irons with exceptional feel and performance. PXG offers several models of cavity back irons, each designed to meet the needs of different golfers. The most popular models are the 0311 T and 0311 XF.

The 0311 T is a tour-inspired iron designed to provide tour-level performance. It has a thin top line, narrow sole

Cost of PXG Cavity Back Irons

PXG Cavity Back Irons come with a hefty price tag, but they are worth every penny. These irons are designed for maximum performance and accuracy, and they feature some of the latest technology in golf clubs. The cost of PXG Cavity Back Irons varies depending on the model, but you can expect to pay upwards of $1,000 for a full set. That may seem like a lot of money, but the quality and performance you’ll get from these irons make them worth

Reviews on PXG Cavity Back Irons

PXG Cavity Back Irons are some of the most popular clubs on the market today. They have been designed to be incredibly forgiving and provide golfers with a smooth, consistent ball flight. The clubs feature a unique cavity back construction that helps to reduce spin and improve accuracy. The heads are forged from soft 431 stainless steel for a softer feel and improved control. The clubs come in a variety of lofts and shafts, allowing golfers to customize their set to their individual needs. With a

Pros of PXG Cavity Back Irons

The PXG Cavity Back Irons are a powerful and well-crafted golf club that can help players improve their game. They are designed to provide a great combination of forgiveness, power, and accuracy. The design of the clubhead provides a unique combination of weight distribution for maximum energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball. The center of gravity is located in the center of the clubhead which helps to generate high launch angles and reduce spin on shots. The clubs also feature a higher moment of inertia which

Who Should Buy PXG Cavity Back Irons?

PXG Cavity Back Irons offer a combination of performance, feel, and forgiveness that is hard to beat. Players looking for a set of irons that offer distance and accuracy, while also providing a crisp feel at impact will be well served by PXG. The cavity back design of the irons make them forgiving on off-center hits, meaning you can still get great distance even when you don’t quite hit the sweet spot. The advanced construction of the irons also make


PXG Cavity Back Irons provide golfers with an excellent combination of distance, accuracy and forgiveness. The perimeter weighting technology offers improved stability and control on off-center hits, while the innovative face design helps generate additional ball speed for maximum distance. With its forgiving shape and superior feel, the PXG Cavity Back Irons offer a great option for a wide range of golfers looking for an excellent game-improvement iron.

The superior design of these clubs also makes them a great choice for skilled players who are looking

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