robins 295 engine

The Robin 295 engine is a lightweight, four-stroke, two-cylinder, gasoline engine developed by the Japanese company Subaru. This engine is primarily used in small agricultural and construction machinery such as walk-behind mowers, chain saws and light tractors. The Robin 295 engine is known for its powerful yet efficient performance. It features a cast iron cylinder sleeve for improved durability, and offers excellent fuel economy with low emissions. This engine also features a built-in muffler for reduced noise levels and a low-vibration design for added user comfort. The Robin 295 engine is ideal for applications where maximum power output and efficiency are desired.The Robins 295 engine offers a wide range of benefits for users. It is known for its superior fuel efficiency, as well as its cost-effectiveness in terms of both initial purchase price and maintenance costs. The engine is also reliable and durable, designed to last up to 8,000 hours before needing a rebuild or replacement. Furthermore, the Robins 295 engine is easy to maintain and service, with parts readily available. Finally, this engine features low emissions levels, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Overview of Robins 295 Engine

The Robin 295 engine is a two-cylinder, horizontal-crank, four-stroke engine designed and manufactured by the Japanese company Robin Industries. It is a lightweight engine with an output of 8.5 hp and a displacement of 35 cc. The engine is equipped with a centrifugal clutch, a mechanical governor, and an oil pump. It also features an air intake system that ensures efficient combustion and cooling. The engine has been designed for use in small agricultural machinery such as lawn mowers, garden tractors, and snowblowers. It is also suitable for powering mini bikes and go-karts.

The Robin 295 engine has a crankcase made from cast iron with an aluminum cylinder head to reduce weight and improve cooling efficiency. The crankshaft is machined from high-quality steel alloy for greater strength and durability. The connecting rod is made from forged steel for increased rigidity. The piston is composed of aluminum alloy with chrome plating for improved wear resistance and low friction coefficient.

The fuel system consists of a single carburetor that delivers the right amount of fuel to the cylinders for efficient combustion. The ignition system utilizes a battery coil with an integrated CDI (capacitor discharge ignition) that provides optimum spark timing for reliable operation at all load levels.

The Robin 295 engine is designed to be user-friendly and easy to maintain. It features quick release valves that allow access to the internal components without any tools needed for servicing or repairs. This makes it ideal for applications where fast maintenance or repair are essential such as in agricultural operations or during emergency situations.

Overall, the Robin 295 engine offers excellent performance in terms of power output, reliability, ease of use, and cost effectiveness making it an ideal choice for small agricultural machinery applications as well as mini bikes and go-karts.

Different Types of Robins 295 Engines

The Robins 295 engine is a popular and reliable engine used in a variety of applications. It is a four-stroke, air-cooled, gasoline engine with a displacement of 295 cc (18 cu in). This engine was originally designed for use in small boats, but has since been adapted for use in lawnmowers, Go-Karts and other small recreational vehicles. The Robins 295 engine is known for its reliability and fuel efficiency. It is also relatively easy to maintain and repair.

The Robins 295 was originally released in two different versions: the Standard and the High Output (HO). The Standard version had a power output of 10 hp (7.4 kW) at 3,600 rpm while the HO version had an output of 14 hp (10.4 kW) at 4,200 rpm. Both versions used the same crankshaft, cylinder head and carburetor design but had different camshafts to produce the higher power output on the HO version. Both versions also featured an automatic decompression system which allowed for easier starting without having to pull on the starter cord excessively.

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In addition to the Standard and High Output versions, there are also several other variants of the Robins 295 engine available. These include the Fast Winder which produces 18 hp (13 kW) at 4,400 rpm and has an automatic decompression system for easier starting; the Sport which produces 15 hp (11 kW) at 4,500 rpm; and the Super Sport which produces 20 hp (15 kW) at 5,200 rpm.

No matter what type of application you need it for, there is sure to be a Robins 295 engine that fits your needs perfectly. It’s reliable performance and fuel efficiency make it an ideal choice for any small vehicle or boat application. With its wide range of variants available, you’re sure to find just what you need in a Robins 295 engine.

Cylinder Block

The cylinder block of the Robins 295 engine is the main structural component that houses and supports all of the other parts. It is made from cast iron and contains four cylinders, two pistons, and a crankshaft. The cylinder block also contains two intake and two exhaust valves which allow air to enter and exit the cylinders as needed. Additionally, it contains a water jacket which helps to cool down the engine by circulating coolant around the cylinders.


The crankshaft is responsible for converting the up-and-down motion of the pistons into rotational motion. It is connected to a flywheel which helps to maintain a smooth power output as well as store energy for future use. The crankshaft also has several bearings that reduce friction between it and other components, allowing for smoother operation.


The pistons are responsible for pushing down on the crankshaft and converting energy into mechanical work. They are made from aluminum alloy and are connected to connecting rods which link them to the crankshaft via a bearing at each end. Additionally, they are sealed with piston rings which help keep oil in place while providing an airtight seal.

Connecting Rods

The connecting rods connect the piston to the crankshaft via bearings at each end. They are typically made from steel or aluminum alloy depending on their intended purpose. They are designed so that they can flex slightly without breaking, allowing them to absorb some of the shock when combustion occurs.


The valves are responsible for controlling airflow in and out of the cylinders. There are two intake valves per cylinder which allow air into each cylinder during combustion, as well as two exhaust valves which allow exhaust gases out of each cylinder after combustion has occurred. The valves themselves are typically made from steel or titanium alloy depending on their purpose.

Fuel System

The fuel system supplies fuel to each cylinder so that combustion can occur. It consists of a fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel lines, and an electronic control unit (ECU) which controls how much fuel is supplied to each cylinder based on various conditions such as engine speed or load demand. The fuel system also includes filters which help keep dirt and debris out of the system.

Oil System

The oil system circulates oil throughout the engine in order to lubricate all moving parts so that they can move smoothly without generating excess heat or friction. The oil pump pulls oil from an oil pan located at the bottom of the engine block and pumps it through oil lines throughout the engine before returning it back to the pan where it can then be reused again. Additionally, there are several filters located throughout the system in order to keep any dirt or debris out of it.

Advantages of Robins 295 Engine

The Robins 295 engine is a powerful and reliable four-stroke gasoline engine that has been designed to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications. It is renowned for its low operating costs and excellent reliability, making it ideal for industrial, agricultural, and recreational uses. The Robins 295 engine offers a range of advantages, including easy starting capabilities, low emissions, excellent fuel economy, superior power output, long service life, low vibration levels, and low noise levels. Additionally, the Robins 295 engine is designed to provide superior performance in all conditions and can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of each application.

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The Robins 295 engine is built with an advanced combustion chamber design which helps to reduce emissions while maximizing fuel efficiency. The engine’s advanced air intake system provides optimal airflow to ensure maximum power output while reducing the amount of fuel used. This results in improved fuel economy and lower emissions levels when compared to other four-stroke engines. Additionally, the Robins 295 engine features long-life components which are designed to provide superior reliability and reduce maintenance costs over time.

The Robins 295 engine is also equipped with an advanced ignition system which ensures easy starting regardless of the temperature or altitude where it is being operated. Additionally, the engine features a high-performance lubrication system which provides superior protection against wear and tear while also helping to reduce vibration levels during operation. The advanced design of the Robins 295 also helps reduce noise levels, making it ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas such as residential neighborhoods or public parks.

Overall, the Robins 295 engine offers many advantages over other four-stroke gasoline engines on the market today. Its advanced design helps to maximize power output while reducing emissions levels and fuel consumption at the same time. Additionally, its superior reliability makes it ideal for applications where reliability is critical such as agricultural or industrial uses. Finally, its long service life ensures that it will continue to provide reliable performance for many years into the future without needing expensive repairs or maintenance work.

Advantages of Robins 295 Engine

Robins 295 engine is a two-stroke engine which is popularly used in industrial and agricultural applications. It has several advantages which makes it one of the most reliable and efficient engines in the market. One of the main advantages of Robins 295 engine is its low fuel consumption rate. This makes it an ideal choice for powering machinery that requires low-powered engines such as irrigation pumps, small generators, and similar types of equipment. Furthermore, the Robins 295 engine is also known for its lightweight design which helps reduce the overall weight of the machinery that it powers, making it easier to move around and transport. Additionally, Robins 295 engines are also known for their reliability and durability since they are designed to last for a long period of time without requiring much maintenance or repairs.

Another great advantage of Robins 295 engine is its ability to be adjusted easily and quickly to meet different requirements. This makes it suitable for use in various types of machinery since it can be adjusted according to the specific needs of each machine. Furthermore, this engine also has an impressive power output which means that it can power a wide range of equipment with ease. Lastly, Robins 295 engines are also known for their low noise levels which make them ideal for use in areas where noise levels need to be kept low such as residential areas or public spaces.

Disadvantages of Robins 295 Engine

Despite its many advantages, there are some disadvantages associated with using a Robins 295 engine as well. One major disadvantage is the cost associated with purchasing one since they tend to be quite expensive compared to other types of engines available in the market today. Additionally, this type of engine also requires regular maintenance and servicing in order to keep it running smoothly and efficiently over time. Furthermore, due to its lightweight design, this type of engine can be prone to damage if exposed to extreme temperatures or heavy loads over sustained periods of time. Lastly, despite being capable of providing high power outputs, this type of engine does not have as much torque as other types which can limit its effectiveness when used on certain types of machinery.

Performance Parameters of Robins 295 Engine

The Robins 295 engine is a powerful, lightweight aircraft engine designed for high-performance aircraft. It has been designed to provide maximum power and efficiency, while maintaining a low weight. The engine is capable of producing up to 295 horsepower and is capable of reaching speeds of up to 200 knots. It also features advanced technologies such as single-lever control systems, air cooling systems, and electronic fuel injection to ensure optimal performance. The Robins 295 engine offers superior fuel economy as well as a wide range of power levels for different types of aircraft applications.

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The Robins 295 engine has been designed with an innovative combustion system that utilizes the latest technologies in order to maximize efficiency and reduce emissions. This system allows for more efficient combustion of the fuel, resulting in increased power output and better fuel economy. Additionally, the engine features a two-stage turbocharger which increases the air intake pressure and helps boost overall performance. The Robins 295 also utilizes advanced electronic fuel injection technology to further optimize efficiency and reduce emissions.

The Robins 295 engine offers superior durability due to its robust construction, making it ideal for long-term operation in harsh environments. The engine features several built-in safety features such as overspeed protection systems, vibration monitoring systems, and temperature sensors which help prevent damage or failure due to extreme conditions. Additionally, the engine has been designed with an advanced lubrication system which helps ensure proper lubrication of all moving parts in order to extend component life and maintain optimal performance throughout its service life.

Overall, the Robins 295 engine provides excellent performance parameters with its lightweight design, powerful output capabilities, advanced technologies, superior fuel economy, enhanced durability, and improved safety features. It is an ideal choice for high-performance aircraft applications due its robust construction and superior performance characteristics.

Maintenance Requirements of Robins 295 Engine

Robins 295 engine is a reliable and efficient engine designed for various aircraft types. Proper maintenance of the engine is essential to ensure its performance and longevity. This article provides an overview of the maintenance requirements for Robins 295 engines.

The first step in maintaining a Robins 295 engine is to inspect the exterior of the engine for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Signs of wear and tear may include fluid leaks, oil stains, corrosion, cracks in the casing, or other signs that could indicate a problem with the engine’s operation. If any of these signs are present, it is important to have them addressed immediately to avoid further damage or deterioration.

The next step in maintaining a Robins 295 engine is to inspect and replace any worn or damaged components. This includes inspecting the fuel system, spark plugs, ignition system, fuel filters, air filters, oil filter, and other components as required by the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is also important to check all connections and fasteners on a regular basis to ensure that everything is secure and performing as expected.

In addition to inspecting and replacing components, it is important to perform regular oil changes on a Robins 295 engine. The frequency of oil changes depends on how often the aircraft is used as well as what type of oil it takes. It is recommended that you consult your aircraft manufacturer’s manual for specific instructions regarding how often you should change your oil.

Finally, it is important to run periodic diagnostic tests on a Robins 295 Engine in order to detect any potential problems early before they become serious issues. Diagnostic tests should be conducted at least once every year but more frequently if necessary depending on how often you use your aircraft. By running diagnostic tests regularly you can identify problems early which will help you avoid costly repairs down the road due to neglected maintenance issues.

By following these maintenance steps for your Robins 295 Engine you will ensure that your aircraft performs optimally while extending its life span significantly. Remember that proper maintenance can save you time and money in the long run so be sure to follow all recommended steps outlined by your aircraft manufacturer’s manual regarding maintenance requirements for your particular model of aircraft engine.


The ROBIN 295 engine is a reliable and powerful motor that can be used in a variety of applications. Its low-emission design makes it especially suitable for use in indoor environments, and its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and install. Its ability to operate at both high and low speeds, as well as its durability, make it an ideal choice for many different types of machinery. The ROBIN 295 engine also offers good fuel economy and long service life, giving users peace of mind that their investment will last for years to come.

Overall, the ROBIN 295 engine is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient motor that is capable of providing years of worry-free operation.