srixon i403

Srixon I403 irons are the latest addition to the Srixon lineup, designed to offer golfers maximum distance and accuracy. With an advanced design, a variety of features, and modern technology, the I403 irons are sure to make a big impact on your game. The combination of multi-piece construction, progressive head design, and innovative face technology offer players superior feel and control on every shot. The I403 also features a lightweight shaft for increased swing speed and accuracy, while its ultra-thin face provides maximum ball speed for long distance off the tee. Whether you’re looking to improve yourIntroducing the Srixon I403 – a revolutionary golf club designed to deliver maximum performance and distance. Featuring an advanced aerodynamic design, the Srixon I403 is engineered to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed for longer, more accurate shots. The lightweight titanium alloy construction makes it easy to swing with explosive power, while the clubface has been designed with proprietary technologies to give players maximum control over their shots. With its combination of power and control, the Srixon I403 is sure to take your game to the next level.

Design Features of Srixon I403

The Srixon I403 is a premium golf club that features an innovative design with the latest technology. It offers a lightweight, high-performance design with a deep center of gravity for increased accuracy and forgiveness. The clubhead features a multi-material construction, which combines titanium and carbon fiber for an optimized weight balance. Additionally, the face has been designed to enhance ball speed and reduce spin for longer drives. The sole has been created to deliver maximum stability and improved turf interaction, while the leading edge is designed to reduce drag during

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Performance of Srixon I403

The performance of the Srixon I403 is one of the best drivers on the market. It is designed to provide maximum distance and accuracy for golfers of all skill levels. It features a lightweight head design and a low profile, which make it easier to swing and generate more power. The driver also has an adjustable face angle, which allows golfers to customize their launch angle and ball flight trajectory. The I403 also has a high-strength titanium head construction, which helps to reduce spin and provide more distance. Additionally, the


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The Srixon i403 iron is designed to be a great all-around golf club for players of all levels. It has a forgiving head and sole design, and an ultra-thin face that provides excellent ball speed and accuracy. The deep center of gravity makes it easy to launch the ball high, while the high-strength steel provides stability and control. The custom shaft options make it customizable to fit any golfer’s swing, and its sleek look is sure to turn heads on the course. Overall, the Srixon i403 is an exceptional iron that