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srixon q star tour vs z star

The Srixon Q Star Tour and Z Star golf balls are two popular choices for golfers who demand performance from their equipment. Both of these models offer exceptional distance, spin, control, and feel for an outstanding round of golf. With the Q Star Tour, you get a softer feel and increased spin to produce a higher trajectory on shots, while the Z Star provides a slightly firmer feel and lower spin rate for greater accuracy. Both models feature the same 3-piece construction with an Energetic Gradient Growth core to promote maximum distance off the tee. The difference between these two models lies in their coversThe Srixon Q Star Tour and Z Star are two golf balls from the Srixon family. The Q Star Tour is designed for players with mid to high swing speeds, while the Z Star is better suited for players with low to mid swing speeds. Both balls feature Spin Skin technology, which helps reduce spin off the driver for more distance. In addition, the Q Star Tour has a softer urethane cover for improved feel and control around the greens, while the Z Star has a more durable cover for added durability. Both balls also feature 338 Speed Dimple pattern technology to help maintain ball flight in wind


The Srixon Q Star Tour golf ball is engineered with a firm yet resilient cover to provide long lasting durability. This means that the ball can stand up to the wear and tear of playing multiple rounds and still maintain its performance. The proprietary construction of the ball helps it retain its shape and spin, even after many shots. It is also designed to keep its bright, vibrant color for a long time.

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Spin Performance

The Srixon Q Star Tour golf ball has an advanced

Spin and Control

The Srixon Z Star golf ball offers players the perfect combination of spin and control. It features a soft, durable urethane cover that provides exceptional spin control on approach shots and allows for increased workability around the greens. The ball also has a high-energy core that provides extra distance off the tee and more spin for even more control. All this adds up to a superior feeling and performance, giving you the confidence to hit any shot with precision.



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Overall, the Srixon Q-Star Tour and Z-Star golf balls are two great options for the average golfer. Both offer superior control and distance, as well as excellent spin for all skill levels. The Q-Star Tour provides a softer feel with less spin while the Z-Star offers more spin control with a firmer feel. Ultimately, the golfer must decide which ball is best suited for their game as both have their distinct advantages.

The Srixon Q-Star Tour and Z-Star have proven to be

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