titleist ap1 710 release date

The Titleist AP1 710 irons are the latest offering from Titleist, and they are sure to impress. With a sleek design and improved performance, the AP1 710 irons provide a superior feel and a more consistent ball flight than their predecessors. The release date for the Titleist AP1 710 irons is March 1st, 2013. With their advanced technology and new features, these irons will provide golfers with improved distance and accuracy, as well as a great look when they hit the course.The release date for the Titleist AP1 710 irons was August 7, 2009.

Price of Titleist AP1 710

The Titleist AP1 710 is a high-end golf club from the popular brand Titleist. It is well-known for its superior performance and quality. The price for the Titleist AP1 710 varies depending on the retailer, but generally it can be found for around $700-$800. This may seem like a lot of money, but it is actually quite reasonable when compared to other clubs in the same category. The quality and performance of this club make it worth the cost.

The features that come with the Titleist AP1 710 include a lightweight design, enhanced perimeter weighting, and multiple sole grind options. All of these features combine to create a club that has maximum forgiveness and distance control. The lightweight design also allows for improved accuracy and control when playing shots off the tee or fairway.

Overall, the Titleist AP1 710 is an excellent club that provides superior performance at a reasonable price point. Players looking to gain an edge in their game should definitely consider adding this club to their bag. With its combination of forgiveness and distance control, it can be an invaluable asset on the course.

Where to Buy Titleist AP1 710

If you’re looking for the latest Titleist AP1 710 irons, you’re in luck. They are widely available online and in select retail stores. You can find them on Titleist’s website, as well as other online retailers like Amazon, Global Golf, and more. The irons can also be found at several specialty golf stores around the country.

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No matter which retailer you choose, make sure they offer a warranty or return policy in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase. You may also be able to find special deals or discounts when purchasing online or at a retail store. It’s important to read all of the fine print before making your purchase so that you know what to expect when it comes to returns and warranties.

The Titleist AP1 710 irons are an excellent choice for any golfer looking for a great set of clubs that will help them improve their game. With the wide selection of retailers offering these clubs, it should be easy to find one that meets your needs and budget.

Clubhead Construction

The Titleist AP1 710 irons feature a forged 1025 carbon steel construction for improved feel. The clubhead is designed with a wide sole and deep cavity-back design to provide added forgiveness and a higher MOI (Moment of Inertia). The advanced sole design also helps to reduce turf drag for improved playability and shot-making.


The Titleist AP1 710 irons come equipped with a stock True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft, as well as a choice of several different grips from Golf Pride, Lamkin, and Winn. All of the grips are designed to provide enhanced feel and performance during play.

Face Construction

The Titleist AP1 710 irons feature an advanced face construction that is designed to deliver more ball speed off of the clubface. The face is made from an ultra-thin HT 1770 stainless steel material which helps to maximize ball speed, distance, and forgiveness.

Lofts & Lengths

The Titleist AP1 710 irons come in 4-PW (7 clubs total) with progressive loft angles and lengths that are designed to produce optimal launch angles for each iron. The 4-iron has an 18° loft angle and 38″ length; the 5-iron has 21° loft angle and 37.5″ length; the 6-iron has 24° loft angle with 37″ length; the 7-iron has 27° loft angle with 36.5″ length; the 8-iron has 31° loft angle with 36″ length; the 9-iron has 35° loft angle with 35.5″ length; and the PW (Pitching Wedge) has 39° loft angle with 35″ length.

Advanced Performance Technology

The Titleist AP1 710 irons feature advanced performance technology, such as progressive sole widths, progressive offset designs, and a multi-material construction. The progressive sole widths provide more versatility in playability and allows golfers to shape shots with greater precision. The progressive offset design helps to reduce improper ball flight and improve ball control. The multi-material construction increases ball speed, distance, and accuracy on off-center hits.

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Playability Features

The Titleist AP1 710 irons offer a number of playability features that make them easy to hit and provide excellent feedback when struck properly. These features include a wide sole design for more consistent turf interaction, an improved center of gravity for better launch conditions, and an optimized face thickness for improved feel. Additionally, the irons feature a thin top line that helps to reduce turf drag while providing a pleasing look at address.

Forgiveness and Accuracy

The Titleist AP1 710 irons provide golfers with forgiveness and accuracy on each shot due to their multi-material construction and progressive offset design. The wide sole design also helps to reduce mis-hits by reducing turf drag on shots that are not struck perfectly. Additionally, the optimized face thickness helps to maintain ball speed even on off-center hits for greater distance control.

Pros of Titleist AP1 710

The Titleist AP1 710 irons offer many benefits to golfers, including enhanced feel and accuracy. The cavity back design of the clubs provide a larger sweet spot for improved forgiveness and more consistent contact. The clubs feature a higher launch angle for increased distance, and the tungsten weighting in the sole helps to maintain an optimal CG position for greater stability through impact. The irons are also very stylish and aesthetically pleasing, making them attractive to many golfers.

Cons of Titleist AP1 710

The Titleist AP1 710 irons are not the most affordable set on the market, so they may be out of budget for some golfers. Additionally, despite offering good forgiveness, the clubs do not feature as much offset as other game improvement models, which can make it difficult to hit a draw for certain players. Finally, while they look great at address, some players may find their appearance to be too busy compared to more traditional irons.

Comparison between Titleist AP1 710 and Previous Models

The Titleist AP1 710 irons are the latest addition to the company’s popular Advanced Performance (AP) line. They are designed to provide maximum forgiveness and maximum playability, making them ideal for mid- to high-handicap golfers. Compared to previous models, the AP1 710 irons are more forgiving and feature a larger sweet spot. They also have a larger face than previous models, which promotes greater distance and accuracy. In addition, they have improved sole designs that help reduce turf interaction for improved contact with the ball. The increased cavity back design further enhances playability by increasing the MOI (moment of inertia).

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Overall, the Titleist AP1 710 irons offer an improved level of performance compared to previous models in the AP line. They provide more forgiveness, better playability, increased distance, and improved accuracy. These features make them an excellent choice for golfers of all skill levels looking for a set of irons that can help them take their game to the next level.

Titleist AP1 710

The Titleist AP1 710 Irons are the latest in a long line of innovative clubs from the brand. They feature a progressive design which makes them very forgiving and easy to hit. The deep undercut cavity and wide sole help to launch the ball higher with more forgiveness, while the pre-installed KBS Tour steel shafts provide excellent feel and control. The clubs feature a classic look with a contemporary finish and are sure to be popular with golfers of all levels.

The technology behind the Titleist AP1 710 Irons is impressive. The deep, undercut cavity helps to launch the ball higher for more distance, while the wide sole helps make them more forgiving on off-center hits. The progressive design also makes it easier to customize your set for your game, allowing you to get the most out of every shot.

The performance of the Titleist AP1 710 Irons is outstanding. They provide great feel and control, while still being incredibly forgiving on off-center hits. The distance they provide is impressive as well, thanks to their low center of gravity and wide sole design. Overall, these clubs are perfect for golfers who are looking for an easy-to-hit set that will help them take their game to the next level.


The Titleist AP1 710 is a great choice for golfers looking to add distance and forgiveness to their game. The clubs have a sleek and stylish look, and they feature advanced technology designed to maximize performance. With the release of the new model, Titleist has improved upon its already great design, giving golfers even more control over their shots. The combination of the latest technology and design elements make the Titleist AP1 710 a must-have for any golfer looking to improve their game.

Titleist has proven once again that they are dedicated to providing their customers with the best clubs available on the market. The Titleist AP1 710 is an impressive addition to the Titleist lineup, combining classic style with modern technology for maximum performance. Golfers can be sure that when they choose the Titleist AP1 710, they are getting one of the best golf clubs available today.

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