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where are pxg golf clubs made

PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) golf clubs are proudly designed and made in the United States of America, using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship available. PXG is unique because it uses a cutting-edge production process that combines the latest technology with traditional golf club construction methods to create clubs that are both precise and powerful. Every PXG golf club is created with the same care and attention to detail, ensuring that each club fits the individual golfer perfectly. With a combination of innovative design, superior materials, and expert craftsmanship, PXG golf clubs are some of the best on the market.PXG Golf Clubs are manufactured in Carlsbad, California.

The History of PXG Golf Clubs

PXG (Precision Xtreme Golf) is a relatively new golf brand that has been gaining a lot of attention in the golfing world. Founded in 2014 by Bob Parsons, the company boasts a range of high-end and technologically advanced golf clubs. The PXG philosophy is to create the best performing golf clubs available, regardless of cost. Their aim is to provide golfers with clubs that have been designed and engineered for superior performance and feel.

PXG has been widely praised for their unique approach to design, as they use cutting-edge technology and materials to create their clubs. For example, their irons are made from a special maraging steel, which is an incredibly strong metal that can flex more than traditional metals. This gives the irons more power, accuracy and consistency when striking the ball.

The company also uses advanced manufacturing techniques to create their wedges, which feature deep grooves and extreme spin capabilities. PXG’s drivers use a patented face technology that allows for more consistent ball speeds across the entire clubface, giving players increased distance off the tee.

The club designs are not only innovative but also stylish – many of the models feature sleek black finishes with red accents for added flair. Since launching in 2014, PXG has become one of the most popular golf brands on tour and with recreational players alike. With its combination of performance and style, it’s no surprise that PXG has quickly become one of the top names in golf equipment.

The Manufacturing Process of PXG Golf Clubs

PXG golf clubs are known for their superior quality and craftsmanship. The process of producing these clubs is extensive and requires precise attention to detail in order to ensure the highest quality product. PXG uses the latest technology and materials to create their golf clubs, with each club being crafted with an exacting level of precision.

The first step in the manufacturing process is the selection of the materials. PXG uses only the highest grade materials, such as titanium, carbon fiber, and various alloys. These materials are carefully inspected for quality before they are used in production. Once approved, they are cut into specific shapes that correspond to the design of the club head.

The next step involves machining the components for each individual club head. This process involves cutting away excess material from the raw pieces and then forming them into a specific shape according to the design specifications. This is done using an automated CNC machine that is operated by a skilled technician who ensures that every detail is perfect.

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Once all of the pieces have been machined, they are assembled into a single unit using a combination of laser welding and manual assembly processes. This ensures that each club head has an exact fit with no gaps or imperfections in its construction. After assembly, each club head is carefully inspected again for any flaws before it moves on to final finishing.

The final step in manufacturing PXG golf clubs is finishing them off with either paint or a special coating designed to protect them from rust and other environmental factors. Finally, each club head is tested using specialized equipment to ensure it meets all required standards before it can be shipped out to customers.

Quality Control at PXG Golf Clubs

PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) is committed to delivering the best performing golf clubs available. To ensure that our products meet this high standard, we have implemented a rigorous quality control process throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our Quality Control team is dedicated to ensuring that each and every golf club meets our exacting specifications for materials, design, and performance.

We start with only the highest quality raw materials, such as aerospace-grade titanium alloys for our drivers and fairway woods and stainless steel for our irons. All raw materials are subjected to rigorous testing prior to use in order to confirm their suitability for use in PXG golf clubs.

Once the material has been approved, it is cut into the precise shape and size needed for each particular club head. This is done using state-of-the-art CNC machinery which ensures accuracy down to the smallest detail. Each component is inspected throughout its machining cycle to ensure it meets our exacting standards before being sent for assembly.

The assembly process begins with a thorough inspection of all components before they are assembled into complete golf clubs. At this stage, any component that does not meet our specifications is discarded and replaced with another of identical or better quality before the club head can be assembled.

After assembly, each club head undergoes rigorous testing on both static test stands and dynamic test rigs in order to determine its performance characteristics relative to other competitors’ products. Any club that does not meet PXG’s performance standards is immediately discarded or sent back for rework until it meets our standards.

Finally, each completed golf club is inspected by hand for any defects or imperfections before being packaged and shipped out directly from our Arizona facility to customers around the world. We take pride in delivering superior quality products that perform better than anything else on the market today.

The Benefits of Buying PXG Golf Clubs

Golfers looking for the best clubs to improve their game should consider buying PXG golf clubs. These high performance clubs are designed to maximize distance, accuracy, and feel on every shot. PXG offers a wide selection of clubs that can be tailored to your individual swing and playing style. Here are some of the benefits of buying PXG golf clubs:

First and foremost, PXG golf clubs provide superior performance. The company uses innovative technologies and materials to create lightweight yet powerful drivers, woods, irons, hybrids, wedges, and putters that help players hit longer and straighter shots. For example, the company’s irons feature a patented COR2 technology that optimizes the club face’s coefficient of restitution (COR) for maximum ball speed and distance control.

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Another benefit of buying PXG golf clubs is that they are highly customizable. The company’s “Fit for You” program allows players to customize their clubs in terms of shafts, heads, grips, weights, lie angles, lofts and more. This means that you can get the exact set up you want in order to maximize your performance on the course.

Finally, PXG golf clubs are built with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. All of the company’s products go through rigorous testing by club designers and professional players before they reach consumer hands. This ensures that each club is made with precision so players can get the best out of their game.

In conclusion, if you are looking for high-performance golf clubs that offer superior performance as well as a customizable fit then PXG is an excellent choice. With their innovative designs and quality craftsmanship you can be sure that your investment will pay off on the course.

What Materials are Used to Make PXG Golf Clubs?

PXG golf clubs are made of the highest-performing, most advanced materials available. This includes carbon fiber, titanium, and high-grade stainless steel. The combination of these materials creates clubs that are lighter and more forgiving than traditional clubs, yet still provide the same level of performance.

PXG uses a proprietary process to create their clubs. This process includes using a special heat treatment to make the club heads more forgiving and durable. It also includes precise milling to create custom grooves that help the ball spin faster and farther. Additionally, PXG uses a unique method to coat the club heads with their own PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish, which helps reduce glare and increase durability.

The shafts of PXG clubs are made from lightweight graphite or composite materials for maximum strength and responsiveness. The grips are made from rubber or synthetic materials for maximum comfort and performance while playing golf. Finally, each club is weighted with a combination of tungsten beads and internal weights for optimized balance and power transfer during each swing.

By combining these high-performance materials with advanced manufacturing techniques, PXG is able to create some of the most advanced golf clubs on the market today. Their unique design allows players to get the most out of their game while still having a club that looks great on the course.

Advanced Technology Used by PXG for Golf Club Production

PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) is a premium golf equipment manufacturer that prides itself on using the latest and most advanced technology to produce the highest quality golf clubs. PXG clubs are designed with cutting-edge materials, precision engineering, and modern manufacturing techniques. The company utilizes a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies to ensure its products meet the highest standards of performance and quality.

One of the core technologies used by PXG is 3D printing. This technology allows the company to quickly produce custom golf club components with a high degree of accuracy and detail. 3D printing also enables PXG to produce complex shapes that would be difficult or impossible to create with traditional manufacturing methods.

Another technology used by PXG is computer-aided design (CAD). This software helps the company design complex parts that can be precisely machined or 3D printed. CAD also speeds up the development process by providing visual representations of component designs before they are produced.

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PXG also utilizes advanced materials for its golf clubs. The company uses lightweight titanium alloys, carbon fiber composites, and other high-performance materials that offer a combination of strength, durability, and light weight. These materials also allow PXG to produce clubs with unique designs that offer players more control over their shots.

Finally, PXG uses advanced manufacturing processes such as casting, forging, milling, CNC machining, welding, heat treating, and finishing to create its golf clubs. These processes help ensure that each club meets exacting standards for performance and quality while also providing players with a unique look and feel.

Overall, PXG utilizes an impressive array of advanced technologies in order to produce premium golf clubs that are designed for maximum performance and reliability. From 3D printing to computer-aided design software to advanced materials and manufacturing processes – these sophisticated techniques help make PXG’s golf equipment some of the best in the industry.

Design Features of the PXG Golf Club Range

The PXG golf club range is designed with a range of features to improve your game. The clubs are designed with advanced technology to provide players with the best performance and feel. The clubs feature a lightweight construction, which helps to reduce fatigue and make them easier to swing. The club heads are made from a high-grade titanium alloy, which is both strong and lightweight. This helps to provide increased distance and accuracy when striking the ball.

The clubs also feature an innovative design that allows for greater adjustability. This allows players to fine-tune their clubs for maximum performance, allowing them to get the most out of their game. Additionally, the clubs have been designed with an aerodynamic shape, which helps reduce drag and improve launch angle for greater accuracy and distance.

The PXG golf club range also features unique sole designs that help promote optimal turf interaction. This helps increase club head speed through impact for longer shots and improved accuracy. Additionally, the clubs feature an anti-glare finish that reduces glare in bright sunlight, making it easier to focus on your shot in any conditions.

In addition to its design features, the PXG golf club range also comes equipped with advanced shafts designed to maximize energy transfer from the golfer’s body to the ball for better power and accuracy. The shafts feature a multi-phase flex pattern, which allows them to flex more quickly at impact for increased distance and accuracy.

Overall, the PXG golf club range offers a wide range of features designed to help you take your game up a notch. With innovative designs, advanced technologies, and adjustable components, these clubs are sure to help you get the most out of your game no matter what level you are playing at.


PXG golf clubs are made with an unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship and performance. Their combination of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and advanced materials ensure that each club is designed and crafted to the highest standards. PXG golf clubs are made in Phoenix, Arizona with a combination of traditional and modern methods that result in a product that is both reliable and beautiful. With their attention to detail, PXG has become one of the world’s leading golf equipment manufacturers, catering to professional and amateur players alike.

No matter where you play golf, PXG has a club that is perfectly suited for you. Whether it’s on the course or in the backyard, PXG can provide you with the perfect set of clubs to help you take your game to the next level. With their commitment to quality and craftsmanship, PXG golf clubs are sure to improve your game while providing years of enjoyment.

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