wilson fg tour v6

The Wilson FG Tour V6 is a new generation of golf clubs designed to help golfers achieve maximum performance and accuracy. Combining the latest clubhead technology with an ultra-thin face, the FG Tour V6 provides an ultra-low CG and a lower spin rate on ball flight for improved control. This precision iron set also features a progressive head design that enables golfers to work the ball more easily and precisely than ever before. With the all-new Tour V6, Wilson has crafted a set of irons that will appeal to players of all levels who demand the most from their equipment.The Wilson FG Tour V6 golf club offers a variety of benefits to improve your game. It features a shallow face design to reduce shot dispersion and increase ball speed. The FG Tour V6 also has an improved center of gravity for better feel and control, as well as a longer blade length for increased forgiveness on off-center strikes. Additionally, the club head has been precision-weighted for more consistent ball speeds and distance control. With its combination of technology and craftsmanship, the Wilson FG Tour V6 is designed to help golfers reach their full potential.

Overview of Wilson FG Tour V6

The Wilson FG Tour V6 irons are designed with the golfers in mind who are seeking improved distance, accuracy and feel. The clubs feature a progressive head design that enables players of all skill levels to benefit from the latest technologies. The cavity back design provides forgiveness and control, while the deep undercut cavity ensures maximum ball speed and distance. The irons also feature a 360° undercut channel which helps to ensure solid contact with the ball, no matter where it is struck on the face. The clubs are made with an extremely soft forged carbon steel for a soft feel at impact. They also feature a sleek black finish for an aesthetically pleasing look. With the combination of distance, accuracy and feel they allow golfers to reach their ultimate performance goals.

The Wilson FG Tour V6 irons feature a tour-inspired sole design for improved turf interaction, which helps to prevent digging into the ground at impact. This sole design also helps promote better turf interaction and more consistent ball flight throughout your swing. In addition, these irons have an ultra-thin face which allows for increased ball speed off of every strike. The multi-material construction of these irons allow for an optimized Center of Gravity (CG) location which enables players to achieve more consistent shots with better distance control.

Overall, the Wilson FG Tour V6 irons offer golfers great performance and playability in one package. With its progressive head design, tour-inspired sole design and ultra-thin face technology, you can enjoy improved accuracy, distance and feel in every shot you take on the course!


The Wilson FG Tour V6 irons feature a classic blade design that is preferred by many professional golfers. The clubhead has a thin top line and minimal offset, giving it a traditional look at address. The sole is slightly wider than the previous model, making it easier to get the club head through the turf. The face has been designed with an improved power groove to increase ball speed off of the face. The power groove also helps to reduce spin on shots for increased distance.

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The Wilson FG Tour V6 irons have been constructed with a stainless steel body and a soft carbon steel face insert. This combination helps to deliver maximum forgiveness and improved feel on shots. The grooves on the face are precision milled for accuracy and consistency from shot to shot. The weighting in the head has been carefully tuned to give players control over their shots, while still providing enough forgiveness for off-center hits.


The Wilson FG Tour V6 irons have been designed and constructed to provide players with improved performance from their iron shots. The improved power groove on the face helps increase ball speed off of the clubface, leading to increased distance on shots. The clubhead also provides plenty of forgiveness on off-center hits, helping players maintain accuracy even if they don’t make perfect contact with the ball. Additionally, the soft carbon steel face insert helps provide a softer feel at impact for increased feedback during swings.

Ultralight Carbon Shaft Technology Used in Wilson FG Tour V6

Wilson’s FG Tour V6 Irons feature an ultralight carbon shaft, which is designed to provide optimal feel and control during a golf swing. The ultralight carbon shaft is made from a lightweight, yet strong material that combines the strength of steel with the lightweight design of graphite. This allows for greater clubhead speed and improved accuracy when striking the ball. The shaft also features an adjustable weight system that allows players to customize their swing weight, giving them more control over their shot shaping. The result is increased distance and accuracy when hitting the golf ball.

The FG Tour V6 Irons also feature an optimized face shape which helps create a higher launch angle and increased ball speed. Additionally, the clubs feature a unique sole design which helps reduce turf interaction during the swing, resulting in better striking of the golf ball. The combination of these technologies provides golfers with an enhanced performance on each shot they take.

Overall, Wilson’s FG Tour V6 irons are designed to provide golfers with maximum feel and control during their swings. By utilizing an ultralight carbon shaft along with optimized face shape and sole design, players can enjoy improved distance, accuracy and control when hitting shots on the course.

Wilson FG Tour V6

The Wilson FG Tour V6 is the latest model of golf clubs from the Wilson Golf Company. The Wilson FG Tour V6 is designed to provide golfers with the perfect combination of distance, accuracy, and feel. The clubs feature a multi-material design that includes a titanium face and body, as well as a carbon fiber crown and sole plate. The result is a club that has improved feel and forgiveness, while still providing maximum power. The Wilson FG Tour V6 also features advanced technologies such as Speed Sole Technology, Variable Face Thickness (VFT) Technology, and Power Holes Technology to help golfers hit longer, straighter shots off the tee.

The Wilson FG Tour V6 comes in several different models, each designed to meet the specific needs of different types of players. The standard model features a 460cc titanium head with an adjustable hosel for customized loft and lie angles. This model also has a mid-sized grip for enhanced control and comfort. For better players who want more workability and control off the tee, there is also a Tour version which features an even smaller head size (440cc) and slightly heavier weighting for more stability at impact.

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For golfers looking for maximum distance and forgiveness off the tee, there is also a larger 460cc Super Game Improvement (SGI) model which features an adjustable hosel, variable face thickness technology for increased ball speed, and power holes technology to reduce spin on shots hit off the toe or heel of the clubface. Finally, there is also a Women’s version which has been designed to provide ladies with better performance without sacrificing playability or forgiveness.

No matter what type of golfer you are or what level you play at, there is sure to be a Wilson FG Tour V6 model that will suit your game perfectly. With its advanced technologies and multi-material design, you can be sure that your shots will be long off the tee while still providing excellent accuracy and feel on every swing.

Comparison between Different Models of Wilson FG Tour V6

Wilson FG Tour V6 is one of the most popular golf clubs, which comes in different models. Each model offers different features and benefits, and it’s important to compare them all to find the best option for your game. Here’s a look at the differences between each Wilson FG Tour V6 model:

The first difference between the models is the clubhead size. The standard Wilson FG Tour V6 has a 460cc clubhead, while the Tour X has a smaller 420cc head. The larger head provides more forgiveness on off-center shots, while the smaller head allows for more control and accuracy.

The next difference between each model is the shaft weight. The standard Wilson FG Tour V6 comes with a lightweight graphite shaft that weighs 65g, while the Tour X has a heavier 70g graphite shaft. The lighter shaft helps generate more clubhead speed, resulting in greater distance, while the heavier shaft provides more stability and control at impact.

Finally, each model is designed with different loft angles to provide varying levels of trajectory control. The standard Wilson FG Tour V6 has an 8° loft angle which generates mid-high launch conditions, while the Tour X has an 11° loft angle which produces higher launch conditions with increased spin rates. This allows players to choose their desired trajectory when hitting shots.

In conclusion, there are several differences between each model of the Wilson FG Tour V6 golf club. Each model offers its own advantages depending on your playing style and skill level, so it’s important to compare them before making your purchase decision.

Cost Effectiveness of Wilson FG Tour V6

The Wilson FG Tour V6 is a great option for golfers who are looking for a club that offers superior performance but is also cost-effective. This club is made with high-quality materials that help to make it both durable and powerful. It also features a low center of gravity design, which helps to provide more forgiveness on off-center shots. Additionally, the club comes with a lightweight shaft and grip, which makes it easier to swing and improves overall control and accuracy.

The cost of the Wilson FG Tour V6 is quite reasonable compared to other clubs in its class. It is priced competitively, meaning that it won’t break the bank but still provide excellent performance. Furthermore, the club has a great warranty that covers any defects or damage caused by normal wear and tear. This means that you can purchase this club with confidence knowing that you will be getting a quality product for your money.

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When considering the cost effectiveness of the Wilson FG Tour V6, it’s important to consider its performance relative to its price tag. The club offers many features such as low center of gravity design, lightweight shafts and grips which all help to improve overall performance on the course. Additionally, this club is extremely durable due to its high-quality construction materials and comes with an excellent warranty which makes it even more cost effective in the long run.

Overall, the Wilson FG Tour V6 is an excellent choice for golfers looking for an affordable yet high-performance club. Its combination of quality materials and low price tag make it one of the best values out there when it comes to clubs in this class. Additionally, its warranty ensures that your investment will be protected in case anything goes wrong during normal use on the course or in practice sessions at home or at your local driving range.

Customization Options for Wilson FG Tour V6

Wilson FG Tour V6 irons are designed for experienced players who want to fine-tune their game. With a variety of customization options available, players can tailor the clubs to their unique swing and playing style. The choices range from custom shafts and grips to loft and lie angle adjustments.

Shafts are one of the most important components in a golf club, so it’s important to choose one that is comfortable and fits your swing. Wilson offers many different shafts for the FG Tour V6 irons, including graphite, steel, and hybrid varieties. Players can also choose from a variety of flexes, weights, and lengths to find the perfect fit.

Grips come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find one that fits your hands comfortably. Wilson offers a wide selection of grips for the FG Tour V6 irons, including traditional rubber grips as well as hybrids with a combination of rubber and cord materials. Players can also choose from different colors and sizes to find the right fit for their game.

Loft and lie adjustments are also available on the FG Tour V6 irons. Loft is the angle between the club head’s face and its shaft at address position, while lie is the angle between the sole’s centerline and its shaft at address position. By adjusting these angles, players can customize their clubs to achieve optimal performance on every shot.

With all these customization options available for the Wilson FG Tour V6 irons, players have unparalleled control over their game. Whether you’re looking for a more forgiving set or just need help fine-tuning your swing, these clubs offer a great way to personalize your game and maximize your performance on every shot.


The Wilson FG Tour V6 irons are a great set of golf clubs for the mid-to-high handicap golfer. They offer forgiveness and distance, as well as a tour-caliber feel and performance. They are also incredibly easy to hit, making them an ideal choice for players of all skill levels. The FG Tour V6 irons are also reasonably priced, making them an excellent value for money club.

Overall, the Wilson FG Tour V6 irons are an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced golfers alike. They offer performance and forgiveness with a tour-level feel that is sure to impress even the most discerning golfer. With their great price point, these irons are well worth considering if you’re in the market for a great set of game improvement clubs.

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