wilson staff progressive irons

The Wilson Staff Progressive Irons are designed to improve your game from tee to green. Crafted with the latest technology, these clubs feature multiple sole widths and a progressive center of gravity that helps you hit your target more consistently. The forgiveness of these irons will help you gain confidence, and the optimized face design will increase ball speed for greater distance. With the Wilson Staff Progressive Irons, you can enjoy a more consistent game no matter what level golfer you are.The Wilson Staff Progressive Irons offer a wide range of performance features that make them the perfect choice for golfers of all levels. The progressive set design and Multi-Material Construction Technology provide players with maximum forgiveness, accuracy, and distance control. The set includes cavity-back long irons for increased forgiveness and muscle-back short irons for enhanced workability. The clubs feature a unique sole design with deeper CG placement, allowing shots to launch higher and land softer. Additionally, the clubs are fitted with lightweight KBS Tour 90 Steel shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips for a comfortable feel. With these high

What Sets Wilson Staff Progressive Irons Apart?

Wilson Staff progressive irons are designed to meet the needs of golfers of all levels. They feature a variety of unique technologies, such as Power Holes, that provide increased distance and forgiveness. The clubs also feature a progressive face design, which helps to optimize spin and launch for different swing speeds. Additionally, the clubs offer greater stability and control while helping to reduce mis-hits. The Power Holes technology not only increases distance, but also provides more forgiveness on off-center hits by allowing more flex in the face

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Improved Distance and Control

Wilson Staff progressive irons are designed to give golfers improved distance and control on the course. The clubs feature a progressive design that allows for improved forgiveness and a higher launch angle. This increased distance and control provides golfers with more confidence when they step up to the tee box, allowing them to hit shots with more accuracy and power. The progressive design also provides enhanced stability and feel, making it easier to hit shots consistently.

Enhanced Forgiveness

Wilson Staff progressive ir

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The Wilson Staff Progressive Irons offer golfers the ultimate combination of performance and feel. Their progressive cavity design provides a unique blend of forgiveness and power that allows golfers to hit the ball farther, straighter, and more consistently. The irons feature a sleek look and lightweight construction that make them comfortable to use. The irons also feature a low center of gravity design that helps golfers launch the ball with higher trajectories for greater distance. With these features, along with the latest technologies in materials and manufacturing processes, Wilson Staff Progressive Irons provide golfers with