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air jordan 1 low golf unc

The Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is an iconic sneaker that offers style and comfort. With a timeless design, this silhouette has become a favorite among sneakerheads and golfers alike. It features a classic low-top profile with perforated toe boxes and signature wings logos on the sides. The upper is constructed of premium leather with a blue and white color palette, paying homage to Michael Jordan’s alma mater, the University of North Carolina. The shoe is finished off with an encapsulated Air-Sole unit in the midsole for lightweight cushioning and traction-ready rubber outsole for stability during play. Get your hands on this classic silhouette today!The Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is the perfect example of a classic design with modern touches. The iconic silhouette features a white leather upper with navy blue overlays, along with light blue accents on the tongue and heel tab. The Nike Swoosh logo is embroidered in navy blue, while the Jumpman logo appears on the heel and tongue. The insole features a graphic depicting the famous Carolina Blue of UNC, and the outsole has a golf-inspired traction pattern to help you stay grounded during your swing. Whether you’re an avid golfer or just looking for a classic style, the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is sure to fit the bill.

Materials Used

The Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is constructed from a variety of materials, including leather, mesh, and synthetic suede. The upper features a combination of leather and mesh panels for breathability and durability. The toe box is constructed from a synthetic suede material for added protection and style. The midsole and outsole are made from lightweight foam for cushioning and comfort. The outsole also features strategically placed rubber pads for traction on the golf course. All the materials used in constructing the shoe are designed to provide maximum performance and comfort while still giving off a classic look.

Comfort and Fit

The Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC offers superior comfort and fit. The upper features a combination of synthetic leather and textile materials that offer lightweight support and breathability. The midsole has a foam cushioning system that provides soft cushioning with every step. The outsole features a combination of rubber pods for grip on the course, while also providing superior traction on other surfaces. The lacing system keeps the foot secure while also allowing for easy on and off. The Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC provide excellent comfort and fit, making them perfect for any golfer.

The design of the shoe is also very stylish, with a classic Jordan look that is sure to turn heads on the course. The colors are bold yet subtle, making them suitable for most any style or wardrobe. The upper is available in both black and white versions, giving you options to match your outfit or create your own unique look. Overall, the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC are an excellent choice for golfers who want comfort, style and performance all in one package.

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Performance Review

The Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is a great performance shoe that offers comfort, breathability, and stability. Its full-grain leather upper provides a good fit and feel while its rubber outsole offers traction and durability. The midsole is made from Lunarlon foam, which provides lightweight cushioning for increased comfort. The low-top design also allows for more flexibility and movement during play. The shoes also have a lace-up closure system for a secure fit and keep the foot in place during intense activities. Overall, the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is an excellent performance shoe that provides comfort, breathability, and stability on the golf course.

In terms of stability, the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC performs well on the golf course by providing good grip and support throughout the round. The full-grain leather upper helps to keep your foot firmly in place while still allowing for natural movement with each step you take. Additionally, the rubber outsole provides excellent traction on varying surfaces to help ensure you don’t slip or lose your footing when hitting shots off of uneven terrain.

In terms of breathability, the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC does an exceptional job of keeping your feet cool and dry throughout your round. The mesh upper allows air to flow freely around your feet to help keep them cool while also wicking away sweat from within the shoe to help prevent blisters or other issues caused by overheating feet during intense activities. Additionally, the Lunarlon foam midsole helps to add additional cushioning without compromising breathability in any way.

Overall, the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is an excellent performance shoe that offers both comfort and stability on the golf course as well as exceptional breathability throughout your round. Its full-grain leather upper provides a snug fit with plenty of support while its rubber outsole ensures grip and traction on various surfaces. Additionally, its low-top design provides added flexibility and movement while still offering protection from impact forces encountered during play. All in all, if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that provide great performance on the golf course then you should definitely consider picking up a pair of these Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNCs!

Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC: Color Variations

The Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is one of the most popular color variations of the classic Air Jordan 1 design. This version of the shoe features a white and university blue upper, with a black midsole and an off-white outsole. The low-top design is perfect for those who want the classic look of the Air Jordan 1 but don’t want to commit to a higher cut. The white and university blue color scheme give this shoe an unmistakable Carolina flavor, making it a great choice for any Tar Heel fan. The midsole also features a unique graphic pattern that adds an extra layer of style to the already stylish shoe.

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The Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is available in both men’s and women’s sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your foot type. Whether you’re looking for something to wear on the course or just want to show off your Tar Heel pride, this variation on the classic design is sure to be a hit. With its stylish look and comfortable feel, it’s no wonder that the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC has become one of the most popular colorways of this iconic sneaker.

Price Comparison

The Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is one of the most sought-after shoes in the Jordan collection. Its popularity has led to a surge in prices, with many retailers selling the shoe for upwards of $250. However, there are still some great deals to be had if you shop around. If you’re looking to purchase this shoe, it’s important to compare prices from different retailers to ensure you get the best deal possible. Prices can vary widely, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to do some research.

Many online retailers offer discounts on their products, so if you’re willing to do a little digging, you can often find great discounts on this shoe. There are also a number of second-hand shops that sell Air Jordans, so it’s worth checking out these stores as well. You may even be able to find rare or limited edition versions of the shoe at a discounted price. Shopping around and comparing prices is key when it comes to getting a good deal on the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC.


The Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC has many advantages for those looking to add a new sneaker to their shoe collection. Its classic silhouette is sure to turn heads, and its all-white construction make it an incredibly versatile shoe that can be worn in almost any situation. The low profile of the shoe also makes it ideal for golfing, or any other outdoor activity. The Nike Air cushioning technology provides maximum comfort and cushioning, making this a great choice for anyone who values comfort and style.

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The main disadvantage of the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is that it lacks the latest performance features found in other sneakers. It does not offer the same level of cushioning, support, or grip as some of its competitors and could feel uncomfortable if used for extended periods of time. Additionally, the all-white color may not be suitable for those who prefer more vibrant colors in their shoes. Finally, the price tag may be off-putting for those on a tight budget.

Cleaning the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC

Keeping your Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC shoes clean is essential to making sure they last. To get started, you’ll need a brush, cleaning solution, and cloth. First, use the brush to remove any dirt or debris that may be stuck on the shoe’s upper. Once all of the surface dirt is removed, you can move on to using the cleaning solution. Apply the cleaning solution to a cloth and then gently rub it onto the surface of your shoes. Make sure to pay special attention to any areas that may be particularly dirty or stained. After you’re finished, let your shoes air dry completely before wearing them again.

Maintaining the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC

To keep your Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC shoes looking and feeling their best, it’s important to give them regular maintenance. This includes checking for any signs of wear and tear such as scuff marks or fraying fabric. If you notice any damage, it’s best to take care of it immediately in order to prevent further damage down the line. Additionally, make sure to keep your shoes away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight in order to preserve their color and shape for longer. Finally, store them in a cool, dry place when not in use for optimal care.


The Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is a great shoe for any sneaker enthusiast. It has a sleek and stylish design, along with great comfort and cushioning. The leather construction and Flywire technology make it extremely durable and supportive, while the classic UNC colors give it a timeless look. With its unique combination of performance and style, the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Whether you are playing golf or just want to look good, the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is an excellent choice.

In conclusion, the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC is an outstanding option for anyone who is looking for both comfort and style in their shoes. Its classic design, quality construction, and unique colorway make it a must-have for any sneaker fan. If you are looking for a shoe that will provide you with both great performance on the course and a fashionable look off of it, the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf UNC should be at the top of your list.

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